June assemblies

3 The Big Lunch (2)

  • Reflect on how people came together for yesterday’s Big Lunch with this PowerPoint assembly on community.

4 Healthy Eating Week

  • Get pupils to understand how a food pyramid works and how to eat healthy amounts of different food groups.

5 World Environment Day

  • This assembly from True Tube contains a film, a presentation and a game to raise awareness on World Environment Day.

6 D-Day anniversary

  • Mark D-Day and the Normandy landings with a summary of events from the Second World War in this primary assembly.

10 Good manners

  • This fun reinforcement of good manners uses Dingbats-style pictures and is ideal for primary students.

11 Food Safety Week

  • Deliver some key food safety and cooking guidelines with this adaptable assembly from National School Meals.

12 Litter

  • Reinforce the negative impact that littering can have and highlight what we can do to stop it.

13 Kindness

  • An assembly on kindness linked with Danny Wallace’s Join Me.

14 The Queen’s Official Birthday (15)

  • Take your pupils back through history and recap the key events in Queen Elizabeth II’s life.

17 Father’s Day (16)

  • Celebrate fathers and father figures in this resource with SEAL and PSHE links.

18 Geography Awareness Week

  • A starter assembly to kick off Geography week and get your pupils involved.

19 Eco Week

  • Dive into the Eco Week with this assembly on recycling.

20 World Refugee Week

  • Using case studies from Bangladesh and Burma, this assembly plan and PowerPoint looks at situations where people were forced to become refugees.

21 Working together

  • This primary assembly emphasises the importance of team work and working as a class.

24 Wimbledon

  • Serve up a quiz and goals assembly using this adaptable Wimbledon PowerPoint.

25 National Bookstart Week

  • Remind children why it is important to feed your brain by reading.

26 Child Safety Week

  • With plans for all age groups, this resource from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has detailed assembly ideas for road safety awareness.

27 Tour de France (29)

  • Engage your pupils with this visual presentation on cycling and the Tour De France.

28 Armed Forces Day (29)

  • Pay tribute to the armed forces using this activity guide with assembly ideas.

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