Laboratory Technician (part-time)- Kew

Laboratory Technician (part-time)


Carey Baptist College in Kew


Science laboratory staff work in partnership with Science teaching staff to provide effective learning outcomes for students of Science. Science laboratory staff members require effective communication skills and must have the ability to relate to both students and other staff. Science laboratory staff should have the capacity to take on responsibility and work independently and should possess good organisational skills.


The successful applicant will have an appropriate technical or science qualification and experience working in a school environment.


This role is of Lab Technician is a part-time (0.6) position, commencing in 2014.




Under the direction of the Laboratory Manager (or temporary, nominated person) to provide the following services for the Middle School Science, Senior School Year 10 Science and Senior School Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology classes of the School.


Teacher support


  • The timely preparation, transport and set up of laboratory equipment for student practical work or teacher demonstrations.
  • Attend Scheduled Year 11 and 12 Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology practical classes, as delegated, in order to make running repairs, collect further materials and assist students or teachers.
  • Be on duty in the delegated Science Prep room, when not required in Senior School Science Year 11 and 12 practical classes.
  • Assist teaching staff and IB students in trialling experiments.
  • Advise science teaching staff on technical components of curriculum and demonstrate required laboratory techniques to science teaching staff/students
  • Assist science teaching staff with demonstrations.
  • Assist science teaching staff in instructing students on use/care of equipment during science experiments, including data logging.
  • Advise and assist science teaching staff in safety matters relating to the science laboratory.
  • Assist with the setting up of AV equipment for Science classes and use of computers and learning technologies within the department, including data logging.
  • Assist teaching staff by keeping up-to-date with data logging technology and trialling practical activities.
  • Assist in setting up Science Displays.
  • Assist in setting up on Open Mornings and be in attendance to help out during these times.
  • Assist in the preparation of Science Week. including preparing posters and liaising with other areas of the school if required.
  • Assist science teaching staff with development of curriculum resources including internet searches, flashcards etc.
  • Prepare and assist in the running of the Science Learning Area camps and excursions.
  • Preparation, maintenance
  • Prepare cultures, agar plates and biological specimens as required.
  • Prepare solutions, stains and media for use in the laboratory.
  • Maintain a safe chemical storage/handling/disposal system in accordance with current regulations.
  • Assist with security of science laboratory and equipment.
  • Maintain and clean simple glassware/general equipment for laboratory use.
  • Service and clean simple laboratory apparatus/equipment.
  • Assist in maintaining general tidiness of laboratories and prep rooms including making sure laboratory sinks are kept clean, tidy and free of rubbish
  • Read MSDS and Risk Assessment sheets before handling any chemicals.
  • Make sure Risk Assessment sheets, where required, are made at the time of practical bookings and accompany all practical set up, in classroom laboratories.
  • Ensure all staff signs off on all risk assessment documents prior to undertaking their practical.
  • Make sure all bottles/jars of chemicals have the appropriate hazard warning and dangerous goods labels on and that the labels are legible.
  • Collect any waste that requires special disposal, label and treat accordingly i.e. label for disposal by registered chemical disposal company.
  • Shop for foodstuffs/hardware required for practical classes during working hours.
  • Make sure all safety equipment is present and correct, and in usable order in laboratories.
  • Label with an ‘out of service’ tag any equipment that is broken or dangerous and remove equipment from use until it has been repaired.
  • Report to Laboratory Manager any maintenance that needs to be done.
  • Make sure there is a supply of cleaning equipment in Laboratories.
  • Make sure that any experiments/equipment that is left in Laboratories or Prep room for later use is labelled with Class, Date and Teacher responsible, and date to be kept.
  • After last class of day, turn off master controls in laboratories, any printers etc., lock up any digital cameras, data projectors etc. make sure windows are shut and locked.




  • Maintain aquaria and animal house.
  • Maintain pond culture.
  • Make any minor repairs to equipment and make minor pieces of equipment as required.
  • Administer borrowing of equipment or books by students.




  • Liaise with other schools to share resources.


Other duties as directed by Laboratory Manager or Head of Science.


To apply, please click here and you will be redirected to our online application page.


For more information please call 03 9816 1379.




Carey Baptist College

349 Barkers Road, Kew 3101






Applications close Friday 22 November 2013.


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