Lesson plans for school teachers

Save yourself preparation time by downloading free lesson plans. To find the most recent resources, simply select ‘Primary’ or ‘Secondary’ then click on the ‘phase’ e.g. ‘KS1’, followed by ‘newest’ and ‘subject’.

All our free plans for lessons have been uploaded by the teaching community, so please add your feedback – this ensures that only the ‘best’ can be found quickly! You too can share your teaching resources by registering with TES.

Primary lesson plans

Covering all core subject areas of the curriculum with 1000s of free teaching ideas and resources for the classroom; you can easily find KS1 English lesson plans for hand-writing instructions or a weekly guide to phonics for Phases 1-6 that includes a clear breakdown of high-frequency and tricky words. One of our most popular KS2 maths lesson plan explains how to create a fun way to teach fractions, decimals and percentages. Do you know where you would place 0.7 to keep the list in ascending order?

Secondary lesson plans

There are classroom resources for all GCSE and A level subjects. Whether you are looking for stimulus for creative writing or preparing activities for the top set or lower ability group, TES KS4 English lesson plans has over 800 teaching resources. Our KS4 Maths lesson plans cover the whole curriculum from linear graphs to recognizing the different measures of average. For science teachers, save time with ready to print worksheets such as the ones found in the plans for KS3 Chemistry lessons for recording of data from classroom activities.

The Five Minute Lesson Plan

Now that Ofsted requires evidence of a ‘planned lesson’, you can reduce your lesson planning time and stay focussed on key learning phases within a lesson with this simple 5 Minute Lesson Plan resource.

Useful guides to lesson planning and lesson design

Inspiration and essential guides on lesson design and principles which can be used in conjunction with the TES lesson planning PowerPoint. These guides and planning structures are useful for both NQTs and student teachers with handy diagrams and do not assume prior knowledge.

TES Teaching Resources collections

Hundreds of worksheets and classroom resources for all key stages, shared by teachers on TES, have been grouped by subject specialists to focus on key areas for each subject and phase.

TES Teaching Resources

TES Resources is a resource sharing space for teachers to upload and share their free learning materials including lesson plans, activities, games, teaching ideas and worksheets.