Literacy teaching resources

Phonics with Geraldine the Giraffe, writing ideas on Teachers TV, Michael Morpurgo on storytelling, VCOP resources and more: we’ve plenty of activities to spice up your lesson plans and help you improve student literacy.

We also have recordings of TES webchats with children’s book authors Michael Rosen, Anthony Horowitz and Julia Donaldson.


Teachers TV: Michael Morpurgo

  • How do authors get ideas? Ex-children’s laureate Michael Morpurgo explains his tactics for getting stories written.

Geraldine the Giraffe

  • Polish pupils’ phonics skills with this selection of videos featuring Geraldine.

VCOP pack

  • Games and activities to encourage pupils to use great vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation.

Punctuation pyramid

  • Help pupils progress to a higher literacy level with this pyramid showing what punctuation they should be using at each level.

Reading challenge

  • Keep Olympic fever alive in your school and reward the best readers with medals at the end of the year. Encourage every pupil to go for gold.

Reading: Help for home KS1

  • Inspire parents to ask the right questions when they’re listening to their children read.

Reading: Help for home KS2

  • More tips for parents, this time for older children.

Fine motor and handwriting skills

  • Exercises to help pupils keep control when they’re writing.

Teachers TV: Writing activities

  • Three teachers share their great lesson ideas for improving pupils’ writing skills.

Spelling game: Buried letters

  • Spelling’s never been so exciting than with this activity based on the Battleship game.


50 word story

  • Encourage concise and precise writing with this template for students to summarise a story in only 50 words.

Sensing adjectives

  • Get students thinking with their eyes, ears and noses with this lesson encouraging them to describe what they see, hear and smell.


  • Popular punctuation worksheet covering the key signs in a nutshell.

Effective creative writing

  • A step-by-step guide to encourage students to write stories that’ll have you hooked.

Connective posters

  • Display these in your classroom to encourage students to use a range of connectives in their writing.

Is spelling really important?

  • Entertaining presentation which shows what happens when bad spelling prevails.

Grammar cards

  • Help students revise key grammar points with these handy cards.

Tenses mindmap

  • A clear illustration of the tenses of the English language, with examples to boot.

Literacy mat

  • Help students write fantastic essays with this table mat littered with hints on structure, grammar and punctuation.

Common misspelt words

  • An A-Z of words for students to be wary of.

Paragraph burger

  • Using the popular burger analogy this presentation explains how students can have ship-shape paragraphs in no time.

Spelling strategies

  • Many ways to help students remember how to spell those aggravating words they struggle with.

TES webchats

Michael Rosen

  • Michael Rosen, the author of the first authorised biography of Roald Dahl for children, answered questions tweeted and emailed to him.

Anthony Horowitz

  • Anthony Horowitz, the man behind the hugely successful series of Alex Rider novels was online to answer your questions.

Julia Donaldson

  • The woman behind The Gruffalo and the current Children’s Laureate chats about her work, children’s literacy and her campaign to save libraries.