Make maths count

Here’s a handy selection of maths based resources: a little bit of everything, from P-Scales to interactive items to use in your classroom.

Maths concept words and phrases

  • A resource showing some of the words that underpin talking about quantity, position, comparing, placing, arranging and other mathematical concepts. Complete with guidance and Widgit symbols. languageisheartosay

Maths p-scales

  • Maths P-Scale Level Descriptors in Word doc - clear and concise. jade88

Number bonds to 10 rhymes

  • A4 full colour posters showing illustrated number bond rhymes to ten, Sassoon font throughout. bevevans22

Interactive number line, 0-10

  • Super resource for using on your IWB. Clear and easy to use - great! NEN

Addition to ten

  • PowerPoint presentations that provide a range of strategies for adding numbers up to 10 with strong visual and audio cues.trogfoot

Alien pairs to ten

  • A simple warm-up game using number bonds. Pupils find all the pairs that add up to 10 as quickly as possible. TESiboard

Mathematics for All

  • A look at how one residential school for boys with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties uses games to support the maths curriculum. Teachers TV

Maths SoW for pupils with SLD

  • A comprehensive resource that aims to provide key learning objectives and starting points for teaching activities for some of the strands in the Mathematics Framework. trogfoot

Coin dominoes

  • Printable dominoes with coin pictures - fun and simple reinforcement of UK coins. SEN Teacher

Number bonds activities and cards

  • Number bond cards which can be used for a variety of activities, suitable to use with pupils who have dyscalculia. stevechinn

Maths fun with the magic chair

  • A simple video explaining a fun activity that can be used or adapted for use within the classroom. bevevans22

Functional maths - functional skillbuilders

  • Set of worksheets covering number, measure, shape and space and data handling skills from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 and include teaching notes. axis-education

Maths words with cuisenaire rods

  • Six pages of activities with the coloured rods using some of the vocabulary and concepts from Yrs 1 and 2 Primary Strategy Numeracy Objectives and other texts. languageisheartosay

Five sticky lollipops

  • PowerPoint of a counting rhyme that could be developed into a sensory activity. Clear and simply presented. Ibuzzybea

Counting songs powerpoints

  • Presentations with a heavy emphasis on visual and audio cues, repeated opportunities for counting, numeral recognition, one-to-one correspondence and mathematical vocabulary.trogfoot

Visual maths targets for display

  • Targets for maths which do not need a lot of added text for explaination. Available in pdf format which can be resized for your needs. 48 posters in all. bevevans22

The scope of special mathematics

  • Document describing the scope of learning opportunities and activities that schools for pupils with SLD or PMLD need to provide to help their pupils develop mathematical skills and understanding. veryspecialmaths

1 more than

  • Clicker grid set designed to enable pupils to practise identifying the number that is 1 more than a given number to 10. Each page shows a question or answer, a picture clue and a number line. NGfLCymru

Dinosaur count and match

  • Lots of simple dinosaur themed maths activites to print out. Uses Widgit symbols. languageisheartosay

Which sweets can I buy?

  • An activity to match the value of coins to differently priced sweets. Initially, ask pupils to match exactly the sweets to the coins. Progress by challenging them to make up the total in different ways. TESiboard