March Assemblies

1 Saint David’s Day

  • Celebrate Saint David’s Day with this PowerPoint presentation about Wales’ patron saint.

4 Start of Climate Week 2013

  • Mark Climate Week with this video and assembly ideas to help bring an important issue to the fore.

6 World Maths Day

  • Inspire future mathematicians with this assembly celebrating genius mathematicians that changed the world.

7 World Book Day

  • Read aloud this lovely poem promoting the value of reading on World Book Day.

8 International Women’s Day 2013

  • A beautifully put together collection of 21 PowerPoint slides of over 21 ways to get your school engaged with International Women’s Day.

10 Mother’s Day 2013

  • Ask pupils to write one thing their mum has done for them on a post-it note and stick it on this special PowerPoint slide.

11 Commonwealth Day

  • Liven up your assembly and help pupils to consider the many sides of modern Britain with the Commonwealth Jubilee song Sing. Lyrics available as a PowerPoint.

13 No Smoking Day

  • A PowerPoint to mark ‘No Smoking Day’, where the effects of smoking are explored with interactive True/False statements.

14 Albert Einstein’s birthday

  • Celebrate the life and work of Albert Einstein using quotes from one of the world’s greatest scientists.

15 Red Nose Day

  • Inspire the whole school by explaining why Red Nose Day is important and what pupils can do to help people living in poverty.

17 St Patrick’s Day

  • An enjoyable assembly that looks at not just St Patrick, but also at setting goals and how other patron saints can help. Requires a bag of chocolate coins!

19 World Poetry Day

  • Introduce pupils to the poems of Grace Nicholls with this video from BBC Class Clips.

21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

  • Help tackle racial discrimination with this assembly PowerPoint exploring the impact of racism.

22 World Water Day

  • Mark World Water Day, how much we can consume and how much many in the developing world go without, with this enlightening assembly.

25 Emotional Literacy

  • Try an interactive assembly with this PowerPoint on the importance of developing empathy for others and discussing how we feel.

26 Family

  • What makes a good family? Ponder this question with this TrueTube documentary in which young people share their views.

27 Power of influence: Drugs

  • Explore the relationship between peer pressure and drugs with this PowerPoint.

28 Easter

  • Celebrate Easter with this includes a short film and a PowerPoint presentation to explain the Easter symbols and the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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