May assemblies

1 Local and Community History Month

  • Raise awareness of Community History Month by getting your pupils to perform this light-hearted assembly.

2 Sleep

  • A light-hearted assembly reminding pupils why sleep is important.

3 Space Day

  • Look upwards at our solar system with this scripted space assembly.

7 Children’s Book Week

  • Celebrate Children’s book week with this fun Family Fortunes style assembly on reading.

8 VE Day

  • Explore what VE day means with this WW2 assembly written with the back drop of Raymond Briggs’ ‘Ethel and Ernest’.

9 Red Cross Week

  • Delve into the history behind the Red Cross Emblem and what the organisation stands for.

10 World Fairtrade Day

  • Assembly plan and presentation on Fairtrade to help pupils understand global trade issues.

13 Christian Aid Week

  • Highlight Christian Aid’s work in Sierra Leone with these pictures and an assembly plan from the charity.

14 First vaccine given (1796)

  • Introduce the work of Edward Jenner and the science behind vaccinations.

15 Keeping healthy

  • A guided assembly to help children remember to eat a balanced diet.

16 Anti-bullying

  • An intro to anti-bullying with quiz-format questions.

17 Fruity Friday

  • Make children aware of this World Cancer Research fund initative and eat more fruit!

20 National Smile Month

  • Mark the start of National Smile month with this entertaining assembly about dental health.

21 World Day for Cultural Diversity

  • This assembly has Citizenship themes and promotes cultural diversity.

22 Walk to School Week

  • Refresh your pupils’ green cross code and encourage walking to school with this quiz-based assembly.

23 National Vegetarian Week

  • Discuss the reasons for being a vegetarian and dispel some of the myths about vegetarianism.

24 Buddha’s birthday (Wesak)

  • Use this assembly to learn about the festival of Wesak, including video clips and a game.

28 World Hunger Day

  • Explore the importance of food in a world with a population of seven billion through this secondary assembly, presentation and lesson plan.

29 Working together

  • This primary assembly emphasises the importance of team work and working as a class.

30 Kindness

  • An assembly on kindness linked with Danny Wallace’s Join Me.

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