Media teaching resources

These assignment briefs, software guides and PowerPoints will help you teach topics such as digital media, media literacy and media ownership as well as production skills to prepare media Btec students for a career in TV, film or other media industries.

Btec course handbook

  • Why reinvent the wheel? With a few edits this handbook will be the perfect introduction to your students’ Btec course.

Research, planning and evaluating

Research assignment

  • Get students collecting data about computer games audiences and designing a student website after thorough research with this Btec assignment. Designing for a Btec first course but easily adaptable.

Research methods

  • Worksheet to test students’ knowledge of the different primary and secondary research methods.


  • Simple, basic storyboard template to help students put their ideas to paper.


  • Help students get the best out of their questionnaires with this PowerPoint.

Evaluating practical work

  • Clear guidelines explaining how to evaluate production work effectively.

Production assignments


  • From Wallace and Gromit to Bugs Bunny, cartoons characters are loved by many. Help students plan, research and create their own animations with this assignment brief.

Designing CD packaging

  • An introduction and assignment covering the importance of design choices for CD packaging.

Music magazine production

  • With examples and layout templates this PowerPoint is a great introduction to making music magazines.

Music videos

  • From planning to evaluation, this guide takes students through every step needed to produce a music video.

Final major project

  • A scheme of work that includes brief and helpful production paperwork such as release forms and risk assessments – everything you need to get students’ started on an independent production.

Film posters

  • A step-by-step guide to planning and designing a film poster.

Production skills

Radio voxpops

  • This BBC Class Clips video offers top tips for getting high quality voxpops.


  • Help students structure newspaper reports with this basic, but useful template.

Preparing your story

  • Radio reporter Nomia Iqbal talks through how she prepares radio news stories in this BBC Class Clips.


  • An introductory guide to using the free audio-editing software Audacity.

Cubase and Sibelius

  • For the perfect soundtrack, try these music software guides.


  • Extensive guide, with screen shots, which will help students become confident using this photo manipulation software.


  • Check out TES partner Adobe’s profile. They have over 170 resources including many program and technique guides.

Media theory

Audience and media products

  • Four tasks to help students understand the relationship between media texts and their audiences.


  • A detailed unit on representation covering stars, role models, gender and ethnicity.

Audience theory

  • From target audience to effects theories, this PowerPoint is a comprehensive guide to media audiences.

Media dictionary

  • No media student can afford to be without this A-Z of important terminology.

Media industry

Media careers

  • An overview of starting salaries and different career routes from AllAboutCareers.

Media technology, synergy and convergence

  • A research task to help students get to grips with new media technologies and the global media market.

TV scheduling

  • Explore the issues that determine when TV programmes are scheduled with this case study on Channel 5.

TV industry: Funding and ownership

  • Explore how TV channels are funded and make profit with this colourful, revealing PowerPoint.

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