MFL collection - culture and projects

Secondary MFL culture and projects

This is a collection of ideas not connected with typical textbook topics. Some of the ideas are projects and would extend over several lessons and others are one-off lessons. All have a cultural focus of some kind and would be therefore likely to be motivating for students.

French culture and projects

Resources to start a project on la Francophonie

  • Lesson focusing on Guadaloupe and Marocco a a springboard to further project work on French-speaking countries.

Harry Potter project in French

  • Highly imaginative resource for revising some typical KS3 French topics - really excellent work.

French - climate change

  • Set of six lessons on climate change - excellent resources that use a high level of target language.

Déjeuner du matin

  • An excellent series of activities using the Jacques Prévert poem.

La famille de Monet

  • Grammar exercises based around the life of Monet.

La Francophonie

  • Very detailed guide to a Francophonie project for Year nine learners.

French-speaking countries

  • Another project on countries where French is spoken.

French citizenship task

  • A very clearly conceived and presented task.

La maison de l’artiste

  • The first of a set of five resources based on Impressionism and Monet in particular. Written by Anne Prentis, these materials are original and innovative and well worth a look.

Les tuileries

  • Excellent revision aid.

Train dans la campagne

  • Practise grammar comparing Impressionist artists.

Impression Soleil levant

  • Excellent revision aid.

Creative writing PowerPoint

  • Some examples of poems in different languages to be a stimulus to students beginning their own creative writing project.

German culture and projects

Focus on Germany - quiz

Focus on Germany - national anthem

Focus on Germany - cultural focus

Focus on Germany - supporter’s chants

  • Set of 4 resources to use with students (perhaps in tutor time) to focus on Germany.

Guten Tag, Herr Bach

  • A set of materials to introduce Bach to German learners. It is an excellent start with potential for CLIL approach and could be easily adapted to use more TL in the presentation phase too.

Zoo project German

  • A lovely series of lessons for primary language learners.

Describing pictures - German art work

  • This excellent resource could easily take 3-4 lessons and involve some creative writing/speaking work where students describe art work they have produced for homework in the style of one of the German artists.

The fascinating world of German compound nouns

  • Excellent resource highlighting the way the German language combines nouns to produce new words that are so apt. Learners have to deduce the meaning of each compound noun from the two noun meanings supplied.


  • Resources to introduce cooking vocabulary and two recipes. This could be a good starting point for a short project on food and cooking.

German lesson comic strips

German lesson comic strips (more)

  • Website for creating comics and a few examples of what can be done. Students can make these for themselves, making a very good way for them to have a creative output for the language they’ve learnt.

Spanish culture and projects

Jack and the Beanstalk

  • A three-lesson module on this well-known fairy tale. Narration skills in the preterite and dialogue in the present are both combined in this performance piece.

I Spy lessons module overview

I Spy lesson 1

I Spy lesson 2

I Spy lesson 2 reading comprehension

I Spy lesson 3

I Spy lesson 4

I Spy lesson 5

I Spy lesson 6

I Spy lesson 7

I Spy lesson 8

I Spy lesson 9

  • A 10-lesson module written for Key stage 3 learners - it practises phonics, narration skills and present tense verbs in the 3rd persons singular and plural.

La musica rap module - student workbook

La musica rap module - lesson 1

La musica rap module - lesson 2

La musica rap module - lesson 3

La musica rap module - lesson 4

La musica rap module - lesson 5

La musica rap module - lesson 6

  • This is a six-lesson module on rap music, where students look at what rap music is, analyse examples then compose, perform and peer-assess their own.

La Cenicienta

  • This resource is a simple script for Cinderella. It can be used in lots of ways; with KS4 perhaps first as translation activity from English to Spanish, then in groups to perform/record as podcast etc.. With younger learners it could be done first as whole class narration activity with gestures and different voices/mannerisms (which could be an assembly piece) and/or practised in groups with puppets.

Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night

  • Set of materials to use with Key Stage 2 or 3 learners. One outcome would be work explaining the story of Guy Fawkes and how we celebrate 5 November to send to a partner school in Spain.

Spanish - climate change

  • Six excellent lessons on climate change using a high level of target language - would be an very good basis for a CLIL unit of work on this theme.

El oso de los pirineos

  • Text about bears in the Pyrenees.


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