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French, German and Spanish revision aids for GCSE.

French - GCSE Revision

GCSE French Mod 4 Past paper questions by topic

  • Very useful set of past paper questions for reading - old style GCSE but nonetheless still excellent practice for GCSE classes.

GCSE verb list

  • List of the most frequently used verbs in the last 5 years of GCSE listening and reading papers from Edexcel.

Grammar checklist

  • A useful aide memoire for students to help them improve the quality of language in their GCSE written work.

GCSE Writing improvement exercise

  • A very good activity using modelling - students identify the good features of texts and then work to enhance them further.

GCSE French tenses revision board game

  • Excellent game board for students to use to revision verb conjugations in different tenses.

Weekly revision exercises

  • Some excellent reading revision material - previous GCSE format but extremely useful for developing KS4 reading skills prior to the exam.

Useful vocab for GCSE French writing or speaking

  • A very helpful, condensed 2-sides A4 sheet with essentials for GCSE writing and speaking .

Controlled Assessment booklet

  • A CA booklet - very useful indeed for those following AQA GCSE specification.

GCSE Grammar booklet

  • A grammar booklet - very useful indeed for those following AQA GCSE specification.

Grammar checklist

  • AQA GCSE specification, although am sure the overlap with other specifications is there with this one.

Tips and advice for GCSE students on how to improve writing and speaking

  • A nice resource - a few typos/grammar slips in the PPT need correcting though.

A* phrases

  • Some nice examples of structures and language for students aiming for highest grades at GCSE French.

A and A* structures

  • Structures to develop pupils’ writing abilities, maximise their points for assessment and stretch the most able students.

Multi-part sentences

  • Good warm up activity for speaking and writing tasks.

Des erreurs a corriger

  • An AfL type exercise on finding and correcting present and perfect tense errors.


  • Handy higher level GCSE vocabulary - a good mix of phrases in imperfect/conditional/future and present tenses with translations.

Useful vocab for GCSE French writing or speaking

  • Quick reference guide of useful vocab & phrases to help students with their speaking / writing for the new GCSE.

Mes vacances passées - preparation for controlled assessments

  • A final push to make sure students aiming at a B or above include all the necessary elements!

German - GCSE Revision

Improve your writing - GCSE German

  • Dense, compact and informative resource with a super clear layout - excellent for the revision phase.

German High 5 writing and speaking reference

  • A visually-striking and simple poster highlighting the 5 key components of high quality written and spoken answers at GCSE.

Jeopardy Blitz Game - Tenses and GCSE topics

  • An excellent revision resource, bringing together several GCSE topic areas in a ‘sentence-level’ game

Reading revision for GCSE German

  • I like this as a model of different tasks to do with any number of different texts. This particular example is useful for middle to lower ability GCSE students, but with more challenging texts, the same set of tasks would work very well for other students too.

Speaking Test Revision

  • Handy resource for middle to lower ability GCSE students to revise key structures for speaking on different topics - straightforward and easy to use and encouraging good independent revision techniques.


  • Although this is KS3 version, the model is easily transferred to GCSE classes and is excellent for developing the ability to spot own mistakes.

Thinking through vocabulary

  • PowerPoint template for vocabulary thinking skills activity, where students generate words that link other words together.

Ferien presentation preparation lesson

  • PowerPoint lesson with lots of tasks to prepare students for making their own holidays presentation - would work well for new GCSE on holidays theme.

Perfect Tense revision

  • Worksheet to revise/consolidate use and understanding of the Perfect Tense in German.

Textploitation work experience

  • PowerPoint lesson on work experience.

16 questions about school

  • A prompt sheet to aid students for their controlled assessment.

Spanish - GCSE Revision

GCSE Speaking Tasks

  • Collection of classroom activities (plus explanations & examples in Spanish) to develop speaking skills, in particular fluency, pronunciation and spontaneity.

Spanish GCSE Vocabulary Challenge Sheet 1

  • Vocabulary tests with a difference - each target word is embedded within a Spanish sentence so that reading skills are also developed. There are 18 of these already uploaded and more sure to be on the way.

Improve your writing - GCSE Spanish

  • Dense, compact and informative resource with a super clear layout - excellent for the revision phase.

Cuaderno de Gramatica

  • A useful grammar guide for GCSE students of Spanish.

Improve your writing - GCSE Spanish

  • Examples of writing at each grade showing progression and what is needed at each grade.


  • An excellent and very thorough set of materials for revising verbs in Spanish - I particularly like the way links are made between verbs and related nouns, adjectives, adverbs and phrases.

110 questions to help with Spanish roleplays

  • Despite the fact the new GCSE has no roleplays as such, this revision resource is an excellent way to revise GCSE vocabulary interactively.

New Edexcel speaking and writing assessment and feedback sheet

  • A very useful AfL tool for teachers of the new Edexcel GCSE languages courses.

GCSE all verbs sheet

  • A 2 x A4 sheet resource with an excellent summary of key tenses for GCSE with examples/paradigms.

Y11 Revision time - reading and listening tips

  • A useful PowerPoint reminding students of key aspects of language to revise for the reading and listening papers.

Listening reading memorisation strategies

  • Strategies for Listening, Reading and Memorising vocabulary.

OCR new GCSE vocab list by topic

  • A list of all vocab from new OCR GCSE spec done largely by topic.

2009 GCSE Reading Vocabulary Game vocab sheet

  • Engaging revision resources - Worksheets, vocabulary and game.

Holidays and use of infinitives

  • Two powerpoint presentations with activities.


  • Explanation on the use of verbs “ser” and “estar” + list of adjectives that change meaning depending on whether they are with “ser” or “estar”

Spanish GCSE Vocabulary Challenge Sheet 2

  • Series of vocabulary challenge sheets written for the new Spanish GCSE (Edexcel) to practise and test vocabulary in context from the specified word list.

TES Secondary classroom teaching resources