MFL collection - Memory teaching resources

Secondary MFL Memory resources

A selection of teaching resources which help students to develop memory skills and provide methods for helping students to remembering language such as memory maps and first word pointers. Some resources are specifically targeted at helping students remember language for prolonged speaking activities or presentations. Aimed at both KS2 and KS3.  

French - Memory resources

Food Memory Map

  • Collective memory style activity with food vocabulary.

Y7 Collective Memory lesson

  • The stimulus for the collective memory part of this lesson is auditory, which gives an interesting twist to this learning strategy.

An active lifestyle

  • A lesson on healthy lifestyles, including activities to develop pronunciation and memory.

Trapdoor cloud exercise using tenses and opinions

  • Telepathy (aka Trapdoor or Clouds) is not only a useful activity for pronunciation practice; it also encourages memory and attention as students have to remember which answers have been already tried in order to win.

French memory accelerated learning - work experience

  • An effective technique to help preparation for longer presentations.

German - Memory resources

Memorisation skills

  • A set of activities designed to help younger students use practical ways to fix new language into their long term memories – the resource can easily be adapted to different topics.

Gender, nouns and collective memory

  • A collective memory activity.

Learning vocabulary

  • A5 sheet to remind learners how to go about learning vocabulary at home.

Haus und Schlafzimmer

  • PPT lesson introducing new language - nouns are colour-coded to fix gender more effectively in memory.

Die Ferien - Mini sagas

  • Picture prompts help students to peg their learning and on these short visual sequences they can hang short presentations.

Spanish - Memory resources

Memory lesson 1

  • Collective memory lesson using the Olympic rings as the visual stimulus.

Collective memory lesson asignaturas

Collective memory lesson asignaturas (2)

  • Collective memory lesson using school subjects and timetable as the stimulus.

Collective memory lesson - map of Spain

  • Collective memory lesson using a rather bizarre map of Spain as the stimulus.

Presentation - Memorisation

  • A memorisation lesson using the chunking method and on the theme of holidays.

Level 5 Speaking presentations

  • Lesson helping students to work towards giving a level 5 presentation from memory on their house.

Collective Memory lesson - food

  • Collective memory lesson using food as the visual stimulus.

All languages - Memory resources

100 most common words

  • List of the 100 most common words used in any language.

Everlasting Session 1

  • An interactive session helping learners to develop their memory skills - non-language specific.

Session 1 Skills - Collective Memory

  • An explanation of the Collective Memory lesson strategy - this type of activity can be used with learners across the age and ability range.

Session 1 Skills Memory Homework

  • Explanation of a memory homework.

Vocabulary Knowledge Scale

  • A lesson strategy designed to help learners identify what they know and don’t know before they focus on particular memory strategies.

Y7 Student Voice - how to learn vocabulary

  • A very interesting set of Student Voice responses when asked how they learn vocabulary.

Post-it Notes instructions

  • Instructions for a very effective and engaging classroom activity that promotes memory skills.

Session 1 Skills Dice

  • Explanation of a memorisation strategy using Dice and the chunking method.

Session 1 Skills Memory - VAK

  • Explanation about strengthening memory activities using a multi-layered VAK approach.


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