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Secondary MFL Songs for learning

Music and song can be an invaluable tool in language learning. Familiar tunes can be re-purposed to aid the memorisation of key structures and vocabulary; raps can be written and performed to develop creative writing skills, embed grammatical knowledge and improve pronunciation and speed of spoken target language production, and songs can be listened and responded to to develop comprehension skills and enhance cultural appreciation. This collection offers a wide selection of resources where songs are successfully exploited for all of these learning aims.

French songs for language learning

Passé Composé song

  • A song that is easy and fun to sing, is memorable and which students can write their own verses for too - audio included too with the resource!

AVOIR song - Pink Panther

  • This tune fits amazingly well to the present tense of AVOIR - words and audio included with this resource.

Past tense rap

  • This suggested rap in the perfect tense comes with a backing track that could be used for any rap.

Medley for Y7

  • Audio of a class singing their way through a whole term’s work - it’s clear that the songs have been built up gradually over time and that they now form part of a lesson routine.

Present - IRREG verbs (avoir, aller, faire, etre)

  • Suggested songs for embedding key irregular present tense verbs in French.

Countries song

  • A very familiar tune re-purposed effectively to learn countries in French.

Nationalities song

  • A creative use of the English national anthem for the teaching of nationalities.

Weather song

  • Audio included with this song for teaching present tense weather expressions in French.

Rap song

  • Perfect tense - holidays rap

Papa Pingouin

  • This resource offers a ready-made gap-fill activity to accompany the song.

Allo Allo

  • This resource offers a ready-made gap-fill activity to accompany the song.

Petite Fleur de Vanille

  • This resource offers a ready-made gap-fill activity to accompany the song.

Christmas songs in French

  • Words and music for a rather alternative Christmas song.

Si tu n’ existais pas

  • Song to practice the SI + imperfect and conditional structure.

The subjunctive through song

  • Song showing the authentic use of the subjunctive.

Aux Arbres Song

  • Environment song with re-ordering and gap-filling activities.

Les temps changent

  • Listen to this MC Solaar song and spot the imperfect tenses.

Et puis la terre

  • Excellent activities to exploit this song and work on the theme of the environment with KS5 classes.

ZAZ Je veux

  • Very effective and useful activities to accompany this accessible song.

Rooms in the house to Twinkle, Twinkle

  • This well known tune has been put to good use for learning the rooms in the house in French.

Je presente ma famille

  • Video recording of a song describing family members.

Dans la ferme de MacDonald

  • PowerPoint and audio resource using the French version of Old MacDonald.

French Songs

  • A set of really useful songs to use in the classroom with younger learners.

Song for colours

  • Song for colours with accompanying worksheet and powerpoint.

Songs to make learning easier

  • A selection of familiar tunes used to learn some key language in French.

L’Alphabet en chantant

  • Youtube video to use for learning and practising the alphabet in French.

German songs for language learning

German Songs - ready prepared worksheets

  • 18 Songs with a worksheet for each - excellent resource.


  • A song that works amazingly well with beginner learners of German - a sure winner!

Song - Relativ

  • Most songs by the Wise Guys are brilliant for German classes - this one is particularly fun and useful for describing things/people and making comparisons.

Ideas for French and German songs

  • A compilation list of all the song resources suggested by TES forum users - very useful reference resource!

Was isst du gern Lied

  • Song on theme of eating and drinking to the Adams Family Theme - it works really well!

Rammstein - Hilf mir

  • Lots of activities to exploit the song - the video is easily found on YouTube

Mit freundlichen Grussen

Mit freundlichen Grussen (lyrics)

  • Excellent song - fun for pronunciation and cultural knowledge.

Die da

  • A rap song by Die Fantasischen Vier - excellent song that can be usefully exploited by higher level KS4 or KS5 classes.

Wir sind Helden - Nur ein Wort

  • Wir sind Helden is a popular German band and many of their songs are useful for the classroom.


  • Herbert Grönemeyer song with accompanying activities.


  • Clueso song Drogen.

Spanish songs for language learning

Y9 Spanish songs module

  • 6 songs (audio not included) with lyrics and gap fill activities for a module of work on Spanish song.

Mi Familia Rap

  • Lovely lesson using a YouTube resource.

Rima y canción

  • Lovely resource using a very well-chosen song to explore rhyme. Language is extremely accessible and appropriate to beginner learners of Spanish too.

5 children’s Spanish songs

  • Excellent resource with audio and lyrics - 5 well-known Spanish songs for children.

Enamorado de la moda juvenil

  • Revision of clothes and excellent song choice to accompany the topic.

Hoy no me puedo levantar - Mecano

Hoy no me puedo levantar - Additional lyrics and starter activity

  • Handy worksheet to accompany an excellent choice of song - language is straightforward and practises parts of the body and puedo + infinitive.

SER - to be

  • The verb SER sung to the chorus of the Queen song Don’t stop me now - audio included!

Será que no me amas

  • Excellent choice of song for KS3 classes - audio available on itunes.

Blanca Navidad

  • Set of activities to accompany Andrea Bocelli’s version of White Christmas - lots to do!

Aquí no hay playa

  • Worksheet to accompany this 80s song - I like this because of the cultural references in particular

Sube a la ola

  • Great song - lyrics available here, music from itunes

Spanish song lyrics

  • Lyrics for 6 different Spanish songs worth doing at KS3 or KS4

Shakira Waka Waka

  • Worksheet activities to accompany this Spanish version of the 2010 World Cup song

Heroe - Enrique Iglesias

  • Gap-fill and match up activities for this song - it is one that students can sing along to as well as it is not too fast

Fotografía - Juanes and Nelly Furtado song

  • Very straightforward gap-fill for this song.

Eurovision - Lyrics La La La Massiel 1968

  • A nice comprehension activity based on Spanish entrants to the Eurovision Song Contest over the length of its history and a gap-fill based on the 1968 winning song.

La Oreja de Van Gogh

  • Activities based around the song “puedes contar conmigo”.

Sabor a chocolate

  • Very extensive set of activities to accompany the song Atrapados en la Red, which is available on YouTube.


A further resource on this theme

  • A song to revise body parts and introduce the subjunctive - the theme of the song is the 2004 Madrid bombings.

Immigration Song

  • Song by Manu Chao that is excellent for exploring the theme of Immigration with KS5 classes.


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