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Rachel Hawkes’ TES Collections - Secondary Modern foreign language resources

Languages - Olympics

  • The Olympic games provide an excellent opportunity to enhance the interest and appeal of language learning. Having a powerful, expansive context in which to situate many themes that are not usually inter-related in the languages curriculum is very welcome.

MFL Collection - Games

  • Games are motivating and useful, particularly for 5 minute slots at the beginning or end (or middle) or a lesson, but they can also be time-consuming to make and difficult to think up the night before a lesson. It is also easy to get stuck in a rut with a couple of game formats that you already have up your sleeve. Here is a bank of game ideas - most are templates that can be easily customised to suit different languages, ability levels and key stages.

MFL Collection - Speaking skills

  • It is widely accepted that speaking is both the most under-developed skill in language learners, and also the skill most closely related to motivation. This collection brings together for French, German and Spanish at KS3, 4, and 5 a number of tried and tested strategies and resources that really work to promote both unplanned/spontaneous and planned talk in the classroom.

MFL Collection - Songs for language learning

  • Music and song can be an invaluable tool in language learning. Familiar tunes can be re-purposed to aid the memorisation of key structures and vocabulary; raps can be written and performed to develop creative writing skills, embed grammatical knowledge and improve pronunciation and speed of spoken target language production, and songs can be listened and responded to to develop comprehension skills and enhance cultural appreciation. This collection offers a wide selection of resources where songs are successfully exploited for all of these learning aims.

MFL Collection - GCSE revision

  • French, German and Spanish revision aids for GCSE.

MFL Collection - Film resources

  • Using film in language learning is an excellent way to generate motivation, develop listening skills, encourage creativity and add authenticity and culture to lessons. Here is a selection of excellent resources that exploit foreign film for learners of different languages and at different levels.

MFL Collection - Memory resources

  • Resources to help improve memory.

MFL Collection - Assessment for learning

  • For all languages, French, German and Spanish.

MFL Collection - Dictionary and reference skills

  • It is once again important for success at GCSE that students are able to look up and use accurately new language by themselves. This, together with the new secondary curriculum focus on creativity and using language in new contexts and for new purposes, has increased the need for teachers to help learners to develop dictionary and reference skills from the outset. This collection includes some of the best resources for developing dictionary skills with KS3 learners.

MFL Collection - Culture and projects

  • This is a collection of ideas not connected with typical textbook topics. Some of the ideas are projects and would extend over several lessons and others are one-off lessons. All have a cultural focus of some kind and would be therefore likely to be motivating for students.

MFL Collection - Teaching and learning ideas

  • This collection of resources is a bank of both collections of teaching and learning ideas for the classroom, as well as some very useful ‘how to’ guides for teachers. Enjoy!

MFL Collection - Grammar

  • Whilst there are many ways to teach grammar and many opinions about how best to teach it, the vast majority of languages teachers believe that students need a knowledge of structure if they are to make good progress and be able to say/write what they want to in the language they are learning. With that in mind, this collection of teacher resources focuses on grammar teaching and grammar practice. Often the most time-consuming of resources to create, I hope this collection will give teachers inspiration and save them time!