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Secondary MFL Dictionary and reference skills

It is important for success at GCSE that students are able to look up and accurately use new language by themselves. This – together with the new secondary curriculum focus on creativity and using language in new contexts and for new purposes – has increased the need for teachers to help learners to develop dictionary and reference skills from the outset. This collection includes some of the best resources for developing dictionary skills with KS3 learners.

All languages - dictionary and reference skills

Dictionary skills lesson

French - dictionary reference skills

Dictionnaire de Sons

  • This resource is an excellent way to build on the teaching of phonics and encourages learners to continue to build their vocabulary based on the commonalities of sounds/pronunciation.

Dictionary quiz/end of term activity

  • A set of resources guaranteed to get learners reaching for their dictionaries - individual French words which, when translated into English, give names of celebrities, films and tv programmes.

C’est quel livre?

  • This does the same as the previous pop group quiz but with children’s book titles.

ER verbs crossword puzzle

  • Learners will need to use dictionaries to complete this, but they will also need to conjugate verbs in the present tense, remind them that dictionaries take you just part of the way there!

Nouns and verbs revision

  • A lesson in which learner use dictionary skills and revise ER verbs and essential knowledge about French nouns.

German - dictionary reference skills

Nouns and dictionary work

  • An excellent PowerPoint introduction to nouns is followed up with a very useful worksheet to practise dictionary skills with nouns in German.

Using the dictionary

  • A clear introduction to the different parts of a dictionary with tasks to develop essential skills in dictionary use.

German im Café missing vowels

  • A very effective lesson involving dictionary skills.

German Dictionary Skills lesson

  • A very good introductory lesson for new learners of German.

Webquest German

  • A very nice lesson involving some online dictionary work and a variety of other tasks involving numbers and food vocabulary - authentic and motivating!

Dictionary skills

Dictionary skills KS5 German

German Plurals worksheet

Articles worksheet

Spanish - dictionary reference skills

Usar un diccionario (1)

  • The first of a series of 3 dictionary skills lessons for Year 7 Spanish learners.

Usar un diccionario (2)

  • The second in a series of 3 dictionary skills lessons for beginner learners of Spanish.

Usar un diccionario (3)

  • The third in a series of 3 dictionary skills lessons for beginner learners of Spanish.

Dictionary Effectiveness

  • A lovely worksheet which pools together activities created by R Hawkes and another TES contributor. This is aimed at beginners Spanish.

Dictionary skills

  • A very nice introduction to using a dictionary in Spanish.

Key structures - building sentences - reference

Beware the internet translator


Spanish GCSE Vocabulary Challenge Sheet 1


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