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Secondary MFL Teaching and learning ideas

This collection of resources is a bank of both collections of teaching and learning ideas for the classroom, as well as some very useful ‘how to’ guides for teachers. Enjoy!

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Teacher’s activities by skills

  • A very useful summary document of teaching activities categorised by skill.

Minimum preparation - maximum effectiveness

  • A treasure trove of teaching and learning ideas that can often be adapted to any language and any level.

Starter and plenaries in MFL

  • An extensive bank of teaching ideas for starters and plenaries - so useful for reminding teachers of ideas that had slipped under the radar!

Moving on in powerpoint

  • A very useful step by step guide (with pictures!) to some features of PowerPoint that can provide very effective learning activities in language lessons.

Plenary template

  • A very simple IWB template, customisable to any language, any level. Teachers add a question or visual prompt to each of the 9 coloured flipchart pages to provide a suitable plenary to their lesson. The layout functions to add an element of surprise/choice to the activity.

Guide to inserting sound files into PowerPoint

  • A detailed guide to inserting sound files into PowerPoint (2003).

Bloom’s Taxonomy Spanish TL infinitives

  • This list of Spanish infinitives is an aid to all teachers who want to maximise the use of TL in their lessons, including the setting of lesson objectives. Most are cognates and need no explanation as they are as readily understood in Spanish as in English.

Audacity instructions

  • A very useful guide to using audacity - free audio recording and editing software - with handy visuals to show as well as tell.


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