Music magic with makaton

A selection of videos with supporting sign language that encourage participation in a fun but structured way.

Collection created by Bev Evans

1 - 7 Counting Song

  • A Makaton signed counting song based around the song One for Sorrow. Signed by an adult first and then by a young signer with Downs Syndrome. shabang

The Wheels On The Bus

  • Wonderful clear video that takes place on a bus and adds lots of visual cues to go with the sign language. singinghands

Number Rap

  • Fabulous idea - first model the sign language and activity and then repeat the song to give others the opportunity to have a go! BBC Class Clips - PSHE & SEN

Old McDonald Had A Farm

  • Super video in a real life setting. Only the key words are signed, making it easy to join in with. singinghands

The Goodbye Song

  • A great end of session song with additional Makaton signing. Nice and calming in mood. shabang

Little Peter Rabbit

  • This song is at just the right pace for children to sing and sign along with. Nice participation by the children too! singinghands

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

  • A lovely twist on a classic favourite with additional verses that really compliment the song and give more opportunities for signing. singinghands

The Name Song

  • Nice, simple, easy to learn signed song with repetitive elements. Would be excellent as an introductory song or an ice breaker. shabang

Three Little Monkeys

  • This video has a super spoken and signed introduction that sets the scene and is enhanced by the use of props. singinghands

Hill And Gully Rider

  • Caribbean rhythms make this song really appealing. Lots of opportunities for pupils to sing and sign along or just get up and move! BBC Class Clips - PSHE & SEN

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

  • A soothing gentle pace really enhances the clarity of the sign language making this easy to learn. singinghands

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