National Science and Engineering Week teaching resources


National Science and Engineering Week (15 – 24 March) is the UK’s biggest grassroots celebration of all things science and engineering. It shines a light on how science, technology, engineering and mathematics relate to our everyday lives and aims to inspire the next generation of scientists. Our collection offers a range of unique activities, lesson plans and videos for your pupils to enjoy.

Primary resources

NSEW activity pack

  • An activity pack for National Science and Engineering Week containing a wide range of activities for home or school.

Designing a rocket

  • A fun lesson for students to design and build their own rocket while discovering facts about space.

Energy resources

  • A large collection of interactive and colourful energy resources provided by BMW Education Programme.

The seasons

  • A PowerPoint presentation and activities which help explain the Earth’s motion and the seasons to primary aged pupils.

How birds use their wings

  • This video outlines how birds use their wings when flying.

Secondary resources

Inspirational science quotes

  • A collection of inspirational and famous scientific quotes along with pictures.

Forces - gravity

  • A lesson to dispel scientific misconceptions and explaining gravity’s importance as a force.

The astronomy masterclass

  • An interactive presentation to accompany an astronomy master class.

Modulated laser pen build

  • This resource assists in building a modulated laser pen and receiver.

Slow motion science

  • An interactive presentation that shows physical processes and reactions in slow motion.

A 3D printing revolution in education?

  • A document on how the advances in 3D printing can benefit education.

Electronic textiles

  • Explore and investigate electronic textiles, their functions and their uses in everyday life.

TES partner resources

Wind power challenge

  • Practical Action: students are tasked with building a wind-powered machine that can lift a weighted cup off the floor.

High-performance vehicles activity

  • Activity sheets from Wayland designed for use with Ultimate Machines, a series on popular high-performance vehicles.

From day to night

  • An explanation video from BBC Class Clips of how we go from night to day on Earth.

Seed gliders

  • A BBC Class Clips video detailing the many forms of seed dispersal by plants and trees.

Giant NSEW quiz from planet science

  • Planet Science: a four part quiz based on this years’ theme “Our World in Motion” - use each section separately or combine them for a jumbo quiz.

The engineer’s brain

  • Explore how biology and engineering work together with this activity from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Punk Science: How to punk your science

  • Video from the Science Museum on how to make science experiments interesting and engaging.

Soap challenge: STEM activity

  • A group activity from the Science Museum encompassing a wide variety of skills and disciplines.

Careers in STEM

  • Show your students how fun and exciting working in STEM can be and challenge the misconceptions that still persist around the subjects with this great range of resources.