National Storytelling Week teaching resources

To celebrate National Storytelling Week 2013, we’d like to entice you and your class into the world of make believe, of pirates, faraway lands, fairy tales and graphic novels, inspiring everyone to share their own stories in the process. This collection of expertly crafted teaching resources, shared by teachers, for teachers, is freely available on TES to help you enrich the lives of your pupils through the power of storytelling.

Story telling inspiration and ideas

Story writing mind maps: pirate theme

  • Some lovely story writing ideas based around the theme of pirates.

Interviews with authors

  • Get into National Storytelling Week with these videos featuring famous authors

Storytelling masks

  • Bring traditional stories alive with these colourful masks

Interactive StoryMaker

  • Interactive Whiteboard templates for re-telling popular stories

Story Word Mats

  • Help pupils to develop story writing ideas with a range of themed word mats

Ten top storytelling tips

Tips for telling stories in the most entertaining way

Character Invention

  • Guidelines for the first steps toward writing a fairy tale

Rainbow Fish

  • A week long scheme of work and activities structured around the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ and its themes

Story genre guide

  • Key overviews of major genres to help pupils develop their own stories and understand genre conventions

Story mountain

  • A visual structure for Key Stage 1 pupils to follow to help develop their own stories

Traditional tales

  • A plethora of literacy activities centred around storytelling

More traditional tales

  • A full 3 weeks of lesson resources linked to the brothers Grimm and Disney, culminating in puppet making and creating animations on Apple Macs

Fairy tale project

  • A colourful, active learning and task-led project for pupils to explore the world of fairy tales

Traditional tales themed punctuation pyramids

  • Explore the exponents of language through traditional stories

Fractured fairy tales

  • Help pupils develop their awareness of story structure by dissecting fairy tales and adapting them to create their own

Little Red Riding Hood board game

  • A fun game to explore the themes of the classic tale

Creative writing imaginative stories

  • Resources to inspire creative story development

St George the Dragon set to music

  • A musical version of the English National Fable

Inspire Storytelling

  • A simple and short Power Point allowing pupils to make decisions about the story pathway


Stories from different cultures

  • A scheme of work to widened pupils’ cultural understanding of the world through stories

Hänsel und Gretel

  • A simplified, animated version of the German fairy tale in the original language

La Belle au Bois Dormant

  • Introductory tasks to fairy tales in French

El Hombrede Jengibre

  • The story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ in Spanish

Il Lupo di Gubbio

  • Dual-language worksheet and story of the Wolf of Gubbio

21st Century storytelling - digital stories

Story writing for games

  • An introduction to plot, characters and themes for the best story development

Developing digital stories

  • An entire scheme of work for developing multimedia stories

Graphic novels

  • A guide to help students develop their storytelling through the medium of graphic novels

Tale Time Stories

  • Check out TES partner Tale Time Stories’ range of stories and activities

Teachers TV Lesson Starters

  • 9 Dramatised lesson starters for storytelling