National Strategies Secondary Maths Collection - 15 Problems to Develop Mathematical Processes and Applications

Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

This is a set of 15 problems, originally created by NRICH, which link to a strand of mathematical processes and applications and to the sub-strands of content. Incorporating these problems into unit plans which are spread throughout Key Stage 3 would enhance most schemes of work and help to broaden the learning experience of many pupils. Developing a scheme of work in this way would be an excellent step towards implementing the new Key Stage 3 programme of study.

Overview of all 15 Problems

Problem 1 – All in a Jumble

Problem 2 - Consecutive sums

Problem 3 - Got it!

Problem 4 - Harmonic triangle

Problem 5 - Isosceles triangle

Problem 6 - More number pyramids

Problem 7 - Odds and evens

Problem 8 - Reaction timer

Problem 9 - Route to infinity

Problem 10 - Seven squares

Problem 11 - Speeding up, slowing down

Problem 12 - Square it

Problem 13 - Squares in rectanglese

Problem 14 - Tilted squares

Problem 15 - Triangles in circles

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