New GCSE Biology (B2.1.1): Cells and Cell Structure

This collection can be used as a Scheme of Work for the new AQA GCSE specifications. We have matched the most relevant resources from TES to the specification statements and you should find it very easy to design your own scheme of work around these resources. You will find some great resources, lesson ideas and revision activities on Cells and Cell Structure for Year 11 learners studying the AQA B2 Unit.

This collection was put together by our Science Advisor, Alessio Bernadelli. You can follow him on. Twitter @TESScience and/or contact via email

AQA Specification statements

a) Most human and animal cells have the following parts:

  • a nucleus, which controls the activities of the cell
  • cytoplasm, in which most of the chemical reactions take place
  • a cell membrane, which controls the passage of substances into and out of the cell
  • mitochondria, which is where most energy is released in respiration
  • ribosomes, which is where protein synthesis occurs

Cell Structure and Function

  • Great PowerPoint presentation of the structure of animal and plant cells.

Cell Structure Quizzes

  • Really well structured set of revision questions on cells with answers and printable answer sheets.

Revision Notes

  • Very comprehensive revision notes easily adaptable for the new specification.

AQA Specification statements

b) Plant and algal cells also have a cell wall made of cellulose, which strengthens the cell. Plant cells often have:

  • chloroplasts, which absorb light energy to make food
  • a permanent vacuole filled with cell sap

Photosynthesis and Leaf Adaptations

  • Useful presentation easily adaptable for the new specification.

Plants, Bacteria, etc…

  • This presentation contains many aspects of plant cells and can be easily adapted for the new specification.

Socrative: Animal and Plant Cells

  • A great revision quiz and short answer questions that can be imported directly into your Socrative Teacher Room. Socrative is an exciting free Web 2.0 Tool.

AQA Specification statements

c) A bacterial cell consists of cytoplasm and a membrane surrounded by a cell wall; the genes are not in a distinct nucleus.

Bacterium Diagram

  • Simple, yet effective activity on bacteria.

AQA Specification statements

d) Yeast is a single-celled organism. Yeast cells have a nucleus, cytoplasm and a membrane surrounded by a cell wall.

Uses of Yeast and Bacteria in food production

  • Really useful presentation on Yeast and its uses.

Cells Resources

  • Great activities on cells, including Yeast cells and Bacterial cells.

AQA Specification statements

e) Cells may be specialized to carry out a particular function.

Specialized Cells Lesson

  • Really good card sort activity and PowerPoint presentation on Specialized Cells.

Fast facts on the cell

  • Great overview of different types of cells from the Wellcome Trust.


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