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Shakespeare: give students the short, rather than the long, of it - 7 May 2013

To read or not to read: that is the question. Or, more accurately: to read from the beginning or not.

Out damn ‘snobs’! William Shakespeare wasn’t born great, but he achieved greatness - 23 Apri 2013

All the world may be a stage, and all the men and women players, but there is only one playwright. To mark the 449th birthday of William Shakespeare, a new book, Shakespeare Beyond Doubt, aims to eliminate any questions surrounding the authorship of the Bard’s plays.

Debate over smacking reignited after publication of new research- 19 Apri 2013

Parents who show their children regular love and affection can smack them occasionally to no ill effect, new research has found.

Enthusiasts around the world prepare for Pi Day- 11 March 2013

At the start, it was merely pie in the sky. The idea of an entire day dedicated to a single number is, after all, almost as irrational as the number itself.

An inspiring new film reveals the struggles of young women to access education - 7 March 2013

In the wealthier countries of the West, there may been giant strides towards gender equality over the past few decades, but a documentary receiving its US premiere illustrates that, in many parts of the world, girls’ access to education still lags a long way behind.

Who’s watching you? Google, Facebook and internet privacy - 1 March 2013

Google, the internet’s most popular search engine and one of the world’s largest companies, is to be questioned again about its commitment to protecting users’ privacy rights.

A quarter of children in sub-Saharan Africa do not get even basic schooling - 6 February 2013

Nearly a quarter of sub-Saharan African children still do not have access to the most basic schooling, despite efforts over the past decade by world leaders to make sure that all children receive at least some education.

Healthy eating ads launched - 9 January 2013

Governments all over the world are increasingly concerned about the growing obesity epidemic, which is largely caused by unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyles.

Women drivers on the road in Bangladesh in bid to cut death rate - 15 November 2012

A landmark, female-only driving school in Bangladesh aims to cut the high fatality rate on the country’s male-dominated roads.

Dancing robots being used in the classroom to help children with autism - 9 November 2012

Humanoid robots are being used as classroom buddies to support children with autism in a project that aims to improve social interaction and communication.

Historian turns back time with backyard battlefield - 2 November 2012

A former history teacher has recreated a First World War trench in his Surrey garden and now plans to launch a website that will allow pupils to explore the front lines.

Private school expansion in Africa ‘misses’ what local communities are already doing - 31 October 2012

A chain of private international schools is embarking on a controversial mission in Africa to plug the gap in the state education system – but there are concerns that such an approach may be “missing a trick.”

Kenyan teachers return to school after three-week strike - 26 September 2012

Teachers in Kenya, East Africa, are returning to the classroom today following a three-week strike that forced school closures across the country.

Survey points to pandemonium in ICT - 20 September 2012

Half of teachers believe the government’s decision to scrap the existing ICT curriculum will lead to job cuts, according to a survey released this week.

Education officer will help full backs with their fallback plans - 13 September 2012

The Rugby Football Union – the governing body for the sport in England – has appointed its first fulltime elite education officer, and charged the teacher with making some of the country’s biggest schoolboys do their homework.

Protest over OCR decision to scrap Asset languages courses - 6 September 2012

Qualifications widely used in schools in 20 foreign languages­ including Hindi, Cantonese and Tamil ­are facing the axe under plans drawn up by one of the major exam boards.

Cool Brits teach the next generation to save, save, save - 29 August 2012

Those once considered penny-pinching can now congratulate themselves for being chic savers; a new survey reveals Britons think saving money is cool.

A-level results are more than a game of two halves - 16 August 2012

“Football manager syndrome,” is what some people call the phenomenon. School leaders being fired after just one set of bad results is one of the main reasons why heads and their staff get so stressed in the build up to A-level and GCSE results day.

SEN numbers drop by 90,000 after Ofsted rebuke - 2 August 2012

The number of children labelled as having special educational needs (SEN) in England has fallen by almost 90,000 in just two years, official figures have revealed.

One in three children cyberbullied - 13 July 2012

Psychologist and media personality Tanya Byron told attendees at the TES Cyberbullying Conference on 13 July that the advent of social media meant that problems traditionally left in the playground now continue and escalate beyond the end of the school day.

GCSEs to be axed in favour of return to O levels - 21 June 2012

GCSE qualifications are to be scrapped as part of the government’s wide-ranging schools reforms. The move was revealed in a Department for Education memo, leaked to The Daily Mail, which says that the exams would be replaced with a qualification more closely resembling the old O level.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College issues strict guidelines on casual dress - 19 June 2012

Cheltenham Ladies’ College, according to new casual dress guidelines from the institution. School officials said that the letter was issued in response to parents’ queries on suitable casual dress for mufti days and social events.

Exam watchdog to recommend scrapping of modules for A level - 18 June 2012

A-level modules could be scrapped under new guidelines designed to introduce more rigour into the exams system.

Hard-working teachers - 15 June 2012

Eight out of 10 teachers are concerned about the effect that the “hidden hours” spent working behind the scenes are having on their health. Research conducted for TES found that over two-thirds of the primary and secondary school teachers surveyed had sacrificed at least one night’s sleep over the past three months in order to complete all their tasks.

Children should have body image lessons - 31 May 2012

A new study revealing 2 out of 3 people in the UK are dissatisfied with their body has urged MPs to consider compulsory body image and self-esteem lessons for all school children.