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The cost of malnutrition? $500 per person, says the United Nations- 5 June 2013

Malnutrition could be costing the world as much as $3.5 trillion a year.

Bangladesh factory collapse: ‘Very little hope’ of finding more survivors - 29 April 2013

Rescuers trying to free workers trapped in last week’s clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh have said there is now “very little hope” of finding anybody else alive.

Huge earthquake hits Iran- 16 April 2013

A huge earthquake, which struck south-east Iran near the border with Pakistan, has flattened homes and offices. Although the area is sparsely populated, Iran’s Red Crescent charity has said it is facing a “complicated emergency situation”, trying to contact villages in the mountainous region.

Could our climate change chickens be coming home to roost?- 26 March 2013

Freezing conditions and snow continued to cause major disruption across the UK this morning, leaving thousands of homes without power and many roads impassable.

Should pandas be allowed to disappear into history?- 26 February 2013

Everybody loves pandas. Cute, cuddly and endangered, they are the global symbol of the wildlife conservation movement.

Feline predators blamed for wildlife killing spree- 30 January 2013

Cats are one of the top threats to wildlife in the US, killing billions of birds and small mammals every year, according to a new study.

Mackerel joins the growing number of fish species that are seeing their numbers drop- 22 January 2013

Concerns about the sustainability of large-scale fishing in the world’s oceans were today brought into sharp focus by news that even mackerel – previously thought of as having healthy quantities – are dropping in number.

Tesco saddled with PR nightmare as horsemeat found in beefburgers- 16 January 2013

The revelation that some beef burgers on sale in the UK and Ireland contained horse meat and pork has ignited debate on the differing attitudes to what meat humans should or shouldn’t eat.

Half the world’s food goes to waste, report finds- 10 January 2013

As much as half of all the food produced in the world each year ends up being thrown away, according to a new report.

UK warned it faces an increasingly wet future- 4 January 2013

The UK experienced its second wettest year on record in 2012, with warnings that the country faces a future of increasing downpours and floods.

More weather worries, as flood warnings spread across UK- 26 November 2012

The Environment Agency has announced a “national crisis” after storms and floods ravaged communities across England and Wales, with more flooding still predicted.

Italian scientists found guilty of manslaughter- 23 October 2012

The scientific world reacted in dismay yesterday after an Italian judge convicted six scientists for failing to assess the risk of the 2009 earthquake in the city of L’Aquila.

From joy to sorrow: Baby panda dies just one week after birth- 24 September 2012

The death of a giant panda cub one week after its birth has left staff at Smithsonian National Zoo “broken-hearted”.

Gbap: Growing grain, saving lives - 16 May 2012

A small rural town in one of the world’s poorest countries is the focus of this year’s Christian Aid Week.

Rail safety ad launch - 9 May 2012

British and World 400m hurdles champion Dai Greene races an 80 mph train in a shocking new advert from Network Rail.

Flood alerts throughout Britain - 1 May 2012

Nearly 200 flood warnings and flood alerts have been issued across the UK by the Environmental Agency this week

Koala bears now listed as a threatened species - 30 April 2012

Koala bears will be listed as a threatened species in three areas of Australia, the country’s federal government has announced.

Cargo boat rescue - 4 April 2012

Gale force nine winds drove a cargo boat into a concrete covered beach last night near Colwyn Bay, North Wales.