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Barack Obama down but not out after ‘round one’ in fight for gun law reform- 18 April 2013

President Barack Obama faced a major setback in his quest to reform gun control laws in the US this week when politicians blocked a measure designed to restrict sales.

Baroness Thatcher mourned at ceremonial funeral- 17 April 2013

The funeral of Baroness Thatcher took place today, with thousands of people gathering in central London for the event and much of the UK capital brought to a standstill.

North Korea takes time to celebrate, but nuclear threats continue- 15 April 2013

North Korea is today celebrating the 101st anniversary of the birth of its founding father, amid ongoing threats of nuclear war from the secretive communist country.

Margaret Thatcher dies: A nation remembers- 8 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher, who died of a stroke was arguably Britain’s most divisive post-war prime minister, and her legacy still looms large in UK politics.

Chancellor George Osborne sets out his spending plans for the next year- 21 March 2013

The man who holds the UK’s purse strings, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, made his crucial Budget speech yesterday, with people from all walks of life keen to find out if they would win or lose.

Anniversary reopens wounds over invasion of Iraq- 19 March 2013

Ten years ago, armed forces from the US, Great Britain, Australia, Poland and other nations invaded Iraq, then ruled by dictator Saddam Hussein.

Savings raid to bail out Cyprus- 18 March 2013

People in Cyprus have been shocked to learn that its government plans to take almost 10 per cent of their savings.

North Korean nuclear test condemned by countries around the world- 12 February 2013

Scientists in the secretive single-party state of North Korea have carried out their third nuclear test, prompting alarm among other nations around the world.

Benedict XVI resigns, leaving Catholics across the world shocked- 11 February 2013

The world has been shocked by the surprise announcement this morning that Pope Benedict XVI is to resign at the end of this month. A Vatican spokesman confirmed that the 85-year-old leader of the Roman Catholic Church will step down on 28 February.

Politicians set to legalise same-sex marriage- 5 February 2013

Members of the British Parliament have been debating whether to allow same-sex marriages in England and Wales. Although many Conservative MPs, and some from other political parties, are against the change, it is likely to pass into law at some stage this year.

Former Italian PM causes outrage with Holocaust Memorial Day comments- 28 January 2013

Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi has sparked outrage after praising Benito Mussolini for “doing good” despite the fascist dictator being responsible for an alliance with Nazi Germany and the death of thousands of Jews in the Second World War.

US generals sign off women soldiers going into combat for the first time- 24 January 2013

Women could soon be fighting alongside men in the United States military, following a landmark ruling by senior American officers.

Obama inaugurated for historic second term on Martin Luther King Day- 20 January 2013

Festivities, parades and fancy dress balls are marking the beginning of President Barack Obama’s second four-year term as president of the United States of America today.

Delhi gang-rape case fast-tracked to court- 18 January 2013

Five men are expected to appear in court in India on Monday, accused of committing a fatal rape that has outraged the world’s largest democracy, sparking a national debate about the treatment of women.

Clamour grows around the world to rethink drugs policy- 14 January 2013

There is growing momentum around the world to re-examine the idea that all drugs should be against the law.

Sandy Hook shootings put US gun control debate centre-stage- 7 January 2013

Gun control – who is and isn’t allowed to own a gun – is a controversial subject in the US.

Financial future bleak rather than black, says chancellor- 5 December 2012

The Autumn Statement did not contain much good news for the UK’s finances.

Hillary Clinton launches blueprint for ‘Aids-free generation’- 30 November 2012

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is launching a blueprint for the eradication of Aids across the globe, on the eve of World Aids Day 2013.

Leveson verdict: new independent regulator to halt newspaper “havoc”- 29 November 2012

The British Press is in need of an independent regulatory body, today’s much anticipated Leveson report has suggested.

David Cameron receives Leveson report ahead of official publication- 28 November 2012

The publication of Lord Leveson’s report tomorrow on improving regulation of newspapers and journalism is already big news.

Israel-Hammas ceasefire continues to hold- 22 November 2012

The bloodshed between Israel and the Palestinians over the Gaza strip may have been halted but the likelihood of a long-standing peace deal in the region is as remote as ever.

Church of England votes against women bishops in narrow loss- 21 November 2012

Women bishops will not be welcomed into the Church of England after The General Synod decided to stick with tradition in yesterday’s narrow vote.

Church of England to vote on women bishops- 20 November 2012

The governing body of the Church of England is due to vote on whether it will allow women to become bishops – or continue debating the issue for several more years.

Uganda to pass anti-homosexual law as ‘Christmas gift’- 13 November 2012

The Ugandan government has announced it will pass an anti-homosexuality bill before the end of the year as a “Christmas gift” to Ugandans who are demanding it.

BBC in turmoil as three senior figures step down- 12 November 2012

A row over errors broadcast on the BBC current affairs programme Newsnight has led to the resignation of three senior figures at the corporation.

US votes the president Barack into the White House- 7 November 2012

Barack Obama has won a decisive victory in the US presidential election after months of campaigning, and has promised the American people that “the best is yet to come”.

Council proposes to remove Mr and Mrs from official documents- 26 October 2012

Brighton and Hove City Council has suggested removing honorifics from all documents to help better support the needs of the city’s transgender community.

MPs for the imprisoned?- 24 October 2012

A row has been triggered among MPs following a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights that has led to the introduction a draft bill to allow prisoners limited voting rights.

Women’s minister calls for reduction in abortion limit to 20 weeks- 4 October 2012

The government’s new women’s minister has called for a reduction in the legal time limit for abortions to reflect changes in medical science.

Teenager peace prize winner recovers after Taliban shooting- 12 October 2012

A Pakistani teen who spoke out against the Taliban in an online blog is recovering in hospital after being shot in the head earlier this week.

Youth choir raises awareness of unemployment outside Parliament- 8 October 2012

A choir of un- and under-employed 18-24-year-olds have raised their voices in protest and song outside the Houses of Parliament to raise awareness of youth unemployment.

Women’s minister calls for reduction in abortion limit to 20 weeks- 4 October 2012

The government’s new women’s minister has called for a reduction in the legal time limit for abortions to reflect changes in medical science.

Ikea apologies for airbrushing women from Saudi Arabia catalogue - 3 October 2012

Ikea has said it regrets deleting images of women from its catalogue in Saudi Arabia.

Iran’s government blocks Google- 25 September 2012

Iran’s goverment has restricted access to Google’s email service and search engine, it has announced on state television.

Violent video games no worse than playing with toy soldiers- 7 September 2012

The debate about whether video games are harmful to children’s development has been rekindled after former SAS operative Andy McNab responded to a coroner’s plea for parents to keep young children away from “inappropriate games”.

Cabinet reshuffle sees several new hands dealt to MPs- 4 September 2012

David Laws has been appointed education minister in the first major reshuffle for the Coalition government since the general election of 2010.

Half a century of press censorship draws to a close in Myanmar- 20 August 2012

The news that journalists in Myanmar will no longer have to submit stories to the state before publication has been greeted with cautious optimism.

Segregation city: new Saudi industrial area is just for women - 13 August 2012

A women-only city is being built in Saudi Arabia in a bid to allow more females to pursue careers.

England ‘expects’: school regulations on PE date from 2010- 9 August 2012

Headlines were generated this week with the story that the government had scrapped a target for schools to provide two hours a week of PE.

Homeless teenager left to live in a tent - 8 August 2012

A homeless 16-year-old was forced to live in a tent for nearly nine months because of the failings of two local councils, an inquiry has found.

England’s national anthem? - 17 July 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed that his choice of a national anthem for England would be the William Blake hymn Jerusalem.

High street banks under investigation after record fine for Barclays - 28 June 2012

High street banking groups Lloyds and the Royal Bank of Scotland are under investigation as part of a major inquiry into the alleged manipulation of interest rates.

Government cracks down on internet trolls - 13 June 2012

Internet trolls who post abusive and defamatory messages about others may soon have fewer bridges to hide under if new proposals by the government are passed.

United Nations in last-ditch attempt to prevent all-out war in Syria- 1 July 2012

The deaths of dozens of innocent civilians, including nearly 50 children, in the town of Houla last week has been condemned as an “outrageous use of force” by the United Nations Security Council.

Ban violent video games, urge MPs - 18 May 2012

MPs have made a fresh call to ban the sale of violent video games after it was revealed that the Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik considered the popular game Call of Duty “training”.

Feel Free to Insult Me - 16 May 2012

A campaign has been launched for the repeal of Section 5 of the Public Order Act, a law which bans insulting language or behaviour.

Coalition talks in Greece - 15 May 2012

Political uncertainty in Greece continues to threaten the financial stability of the country –with the deputy prime minister warning that the country could run out of money in as little as six weeks if a coalition government is not formed soon.

Queen’s speech opens parliament - 9 May 2012

Bills aimed at strengthening the economy will be the focal point of the coalition government’s work over the next year, according to the Queen’s Speech.

French Elections - 8 May 2012

Francois Hollande will be France’s first Socialist president in 17 years, after winning the final round of the Presidential elections on Sunday.

Aung San Suu Kyi - 2 April 2012

Released from her 15 year home arrest only one year ago, pro-democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi has won a parliamentary seat in military-dominated Burma (Manama).

The Budget - 21 March 2012

Today George Osborne revealed the red budget briefcase once again to deliver his strategy for securing a fanciful financial future for the UK.

Clare’s Law - 6 March 2012

People is parts of the UK will soon have the ‘right to know’ whether their partner has previous been investigated for domestic abuse, some hail this move as a great victory for the prevention of violence in the home whilst domestic abuse charity, Refuge have warned it will do little to save victims. Explore the issues and debate perspectives with these resources.