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Stephen Hawking boycotts Israeli event - 10 May 2013

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking is at the centre of an international row after deciding to boycott an event in Israel.

Dog-sized discovery could be oldest dinosaur yet - 8 May 2013

Scientists in Canada have unearthed a new species of dinosaur that they believe is the oldest in North America and possibly the world.

The world’s newest, smallest film star: the atom - 2 May 2013

The research arm of technology giant IBM has unveiled the “world’s smallest movie”, an animation made using one of the tiniest constituent parts of the universe, the atom.

Cern restores first ever website as the World Wide Web turns 20- 30 April 2013

On this day 20 years ago, the World Wide Web was born. Now the scientists who created it have restored the very first web page as part of a project to preserve the earliest years of web history.

Does new research into chimpanzee behaviour prove that females of the species have a genetic destiny to be unkind to one another?- 5 March 2013

Are women genetically destined to be unkind to other women, while competing with each other for male attention? Many would argue that this is nonsense, an unkind stereotype that reflects badly on women. But a new study of the behaviour of our nearest genetic cousins in the animal world, chimpanzees, suggests there may be more truth to this observation than some might like to admit – and it could be explained by evolution.

Breakthrough in battle with Aids, but questions remain over high cost of drugs in the developing world- 4 March 2013

Medical breakthroughs and miracle cures are announced with such regularity in the news that it’s easy to become cynical. In the last month alone the press has hailed “groundbreaking” new treatments for conditions as diverse as blindness, arthritis and paralysis, and promoted cures for everything from migraines to overeating.

Mission to Mars: Businessman plans private venture to the Red Planet- 28 February 2013

A US millionaire is organising a mission to Mars that will involve two astronauts spending more than a year in a capsule the size of a toilet cubicle. The pair – probably a married couple – will brave the dangers of extreme boredom, muscle wastage and intense radiation from the sun.

Asteroids and meteors pass by earth on the same day- 15 February 2013

You wait years for space debris to come within range of the Earth and then two chunks come along on the same day.

Mystery of homing pigeons’ ‘Bermuda triangle’ may have been solved- 31 January 2013

Homing pigeons are famous for their ability to find their way back to where they live, even when they find themselves hundreds of miles away in a place they have never seen before. But no-one has managed to figure out exactly how they manage it.

17 billion more planets- 8 January 2013

There could be as many as 17 billion planets like Earth in our galaxy, scientists have discovered, a number that dramatically increases how likely it is that aliens exist.

Tumour returns to radiotherapy runaway- 12 December 2012

The story of Sally Roberts and her seven-year-old son’s battle with a brain tumour, a kind of cancer, is a heart-wrenching one.

Inspirational astronomer dies, aged 89- 10 December 2012

Sir Patrick Moore, the popular astronomer and broadcaster, has died aged 89.

Fossils left to fester for eighty years point to new discovery of oldest dinosaur- 6 December 2012

Scientists have rediscovered dinosaur fossils which predate the earliest previous specimens by 10-15 million years, a new study in Biology Letters suggests.

Pioneering organ transplant surgeon, Joseph Murray, dies- 27 November 2012

Dr Joseph Murray, the pioneering surgeon who performed the world’s first successful kidney transplant, has died at the age of 93.

Social media limit pre-teens’ development, warns neuroscientist- 18 October 2012

A renowned neuroscientist has issued a stark warning about how pre-teens are being exposed to the effects of social networks, with potentially profound consequences.

Astronomers discover planet with four suns- 16 October 2012

Volunteer astronomers have discovered a planet, just under 5,000 light-years away, with a quadruple star system.

Austrian skydiver leaps into the history books- 15 October 2012

Supersonic skydiver Felix Baumgartner took to the skies on Sunday afternoon in a historic bid that saw him become the first human being to travel faster than the speed of sound in freefall.

1950s-style street brings back memories for dementia sufferers- 21 September 2012

Ration cards, threepenny stamps and a red brick bus stop are commonplace at a nursing home near Bristol where a 1950s street has been recreated to help residents with dementia.

Furry fix could be first step towards human deafness cure - 14 September 2012

Gerbils may prove the unlikely starting point for a cure for human deafness, scientific research has found.

Digital data faces biological competition with the world’s first DNA book - 17 August 2012

Scientists have created the first book encoded entirely in DNA, marking the first time that such a large amount of information has been stored in such a way.

Is there life on Mars? Nasa expedition begins the search - 6 August 2012

The most sophisticated space probe ever built has successfully landed on Mars to begin its 98-week search for the “ingredients of life” on the red planet.

O2 customers inconvenienced by network outage - 12 July 2012

Thousands of mobile phone users have been left without signal for nearly a day after a major network failure.

Scientists expected to announce physics breakthrough - 4 July 2012

Expectations are growing that scientists working at Cern will confirm the existence of the Higgs Boson particle in an announcement tomorrow.

China’s Shenzhou-9 spacecraft returns to Earth - 29 June 2012

China’s first female astronaut has returned to Earth after spending nearly two weeks in space.

Lonesome George - 25 June 2012

The Galapagos Islands is mourning the loss of one of its most famous inhabitants after the death of Lonesome George, a 100-year-old giant tortoise believed to be the last of his sub-species.

IVF treatment age limit extension approved by Nice - 22 May 2012

Childless women between the ages of 40 and 42 are to be given the option of having in vitro fertilisation treatments on the National Health Service for the first time.

Gbap: Growing grain, saving lives - 16 May 2012

A small rural town in one of the world’s poorest countries is the focus of this year’s Christian Aid Week.

Flood alerts throughout Britain - 1 May 2012

Nearly 200 flood warnings and flood alerts have been issued across the UK by the Environmental Agency this week.

Koala bears now listed as a threatened species - 30 April 2012

Koala bears will be listed as a threatened species in three areas of Australia, the country’s federal government has announced.

Breast cancer breakthrough - 19 April 2012

Breast cancer has traditionally been recognised as a single condition with three or four varieties, but research carried out by Cancer Research UK scientists has discovered that there are actually ten distinct types.

Discovery flies home - 18 April 2012

Nasa’s oldest space shuttle made its final voyage yesterday after 27 years of service and 149 million miles of space travel.>

North Korean rocket launch - 16 April 2012

The release of a long-range rocket last Friday should have marked the 100th anniversary of Kim II Sung’s (North Korea’s founder) birth.

Japan remembers - 12 March 2012

One year on, Japan remembers the tragic Tsunami which left 15,853 dead. 3,282 are still missing and 320,000 people continue to live in temporary housing.