Next week in school

TES 28 October 2011

Next week in school


  • Are you into things that go bump in the night? Or do you prefer a Christian festival? Mass or Mask? Try a quirky Halloween quiz from Cehawes – in French

Tuesday 1 November - WORLD VEGAN DAY

Wednesday 2 November - ‘LET THEM EAT CAKE’

  • 1793) Birthday of Marie Antoinette who allegedly coined the phrase (disputed by historians) and lost her head two weeks before her 38th birthday. No champers for her then – but was she really a victim? Read about her life and times.

Thursday 3 November - RAINBOW WARRIOR

  • (1985) Two French secret service agents plead guilty to the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand. history of English theatre Read up on the debate over peace and disarmament with Teachers TV

Friday 4 November - END OF A DREAM

Saturday 5 November - GUY FAWKES / BONFIRE NIGHT

Sunday 6 November - QUOTE UNQUOTE

  • ‘When it rains it pours’ is now used in a negative sense. But in 1911 it was the advertising boast of the Morton Salt company, and its breakthrough in salt technology. Learn more

TES 28 October 2011