Next week in school

TES 3 February 2012

Next week in school


  • (6 - 12 February) Want to promote the value of apprenticeships to your students in business, trades and craft? Take a look at this resource from Teachersgem for cross-curricular D&T lesson ideas


  • He captures the human condition as thoroughly as he documents the day to day details of his time. Help enthuse your students about Dickens with this popular resource on Great Expectations from littlegiggles

Wednesday 8 February -SAFER INTERNET DAY

  • (Children need to understand the internet is not only a place to have fun and learn, it has potential dangers too. This cartoon from CEOPsTUK helps youngsters come to grips with internet safety

Thursday 9 February -REDS UNDER THE BEDS

  • (1950) US Senator Joe McCarthy launches his anti-Communist witch-hunt, accusing more than 200 staff in the State Department of being treacherous ‘reds’. Proved wrong he died a drunk and broken man. It’s only a small jump to the Salem Witch Trials, explored here in this resource from Gr33ns

Friday 10 February -CHARLES TO WED CAMILLA

  • (2005) She was branded a marriage wrecker but by the time The Palace announces Prince Charles’ engagement to Camilla Parker-Bowles a clever media campaign has put her back in favour. They marry on the same date as Wills and Kate - but in a low-key ceremony. See this resource on the odd one out from maz1

Saturday 11 February -BIRTH OF THE IRON LADY

  • (1975) The Tories choose Margaret Thatcher as their new leader – unwittingly launching a personality that would end up dividing the country, and the party. See this resource from DanielWillcocks for a lesson on her downfall

Sunday 12 February -DARWIN’S BIRTHDAY (1809)

  • It’s taken more than a hundred years but the scientist who battled religion to claim we descended from monkeys was ultimately proved right. See ARKive’s resource on Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle and his theory of evolution

TES 3 February 2012