Next week in school

TES 6 January 2012

Next week in school

Monday 9 January -EDEN DEPARTS

  • (1957) Sir Anthony Eden resigns as Prime Minister due to ill health – but others believe his controversial decision to use armed intervention in the Suez crisis was the real beginning of his demise. Read more with this resource from nationalarchives


  • (1645) Archbishop of Canterbury William Laud loses his head at the Tower of London. He was granted a Royal pardon – but in this Civil War it didn’t save him. Dar1798 has this resource on causes of the Civil War

Wednesday 11 January -EDUCATION FOR ALL

  • (1973) The first Open University degrees are awarded to 867 students who worked from home. It wasn’t till 2000, however, that the OU held the UK’s first online graduation ceremony. Follow this link to find out more about OU

Thursday 12 January -THATCHER’S DOWNFALL

  • (1982) Lady Thatcher’s son Mark is reported as missing in the Sahara while taking part in the Paris-Dakar rally. He was found three days later saying all he needed was ‘a beer, a sandwich, a bath and shave.’ If only that were true. Danielwillcockscharts her downfall.

Friday 13 January -UNLUCKY FOR SOME

  • If you’re in the West you’ll be avoiding ladders and black cats. But this is still the New Year, for much of eastern Europe, including Russia, Georgia, Belarus and the Ukraine, who stick to the old calendar. Blue117 offers this lesson calendars ad leap years

Saturday 14 January -END OF THE TERROR (1823)

  • (2002) The foot-and-mouth crisis that saw 6.5m animals slaughtered – and cost the UK farming industry £2.4b – officially ended, after 11 months of horror. The stench and fumes from the pyres also cost tourism around £3b. Read QCDA_Resources on diseases that become public interest

Sunday 15 January -GOODBYE VIETNAM

  • (1973) US President David Nixon calls a halt to American bombing in North Vietnam after a controversial war that lasted 18 years. A week later a ceasefire was agreed, with a settlement agreeing for the country’s eventual reunification. EmilyThomas offers three lessons on the war

TES 6 January 2012