Non-chronological reports collection

Non-chronological reports use information presented in a clear and logical structure to create detailed information ‘pictures’. Help students to master this important, transferable skill using these hand-picked resources.


  • Help instruct your pupils to write a non-chronological report with this popular nocturnal animal theme.

Non-chronological report: what are the features?

  • This simple feature guide can fit in perfectly with your explanation on how to write non-chronological reports.

Start from scratch

  • A sound guide to help augment your pupils’ knowledge of non-chronological reports and how they are structured from scratch.

Tip top trainers

  • Turn your pupils into the latest Nike or Adidas design executive as they choose their own trainer designs and write non-chronological reports on them.

Non-chronological report checklist

  • An eye-catching checklist which will help ensure that your pupils are staying on track during their report writing.

Non-chronological report planning

  • A three week plan for teaching non-chronological report writing incorporating spelling, phonics and handwriting tasks and skills.

Dissolution of the monasteries

  • Aimed at middle to higher ability pupils, this non-chronological dissolution themed report task hands pupils all the information they need to write an effective report.

Non-chronological report: Chembakolli

  • Help your pupils along in their report writing with this well-worded, easy to follow resource complete with success criteria sheet.

2 week non-chronological text planning

  • Based on the theme of pets, this 2 week plan gives plenty of task ideas and techniques to help your pupils understand the structure of non-chronological texts.

Non-chronological report: Castle defences

  • With a ready made example and useful facts, this can be used to supplement a report write up and fire discussion on the subject of non-chronological report features.

Non-chronological report feature checklist

  • A page long checklist of features that need to be included in a text if it is to be considered a successful non-chronological report.


  • A non-chronological report starter on the gorilla with an effective and attractive layout to help pupils disseminate the facts and group them in their report.

Non-chronological report on electricity

  • From a thunderstorm to a brainstorm, help stimulate ideas on how to write a non-chronological report on electricity.

Non-chronological report on your school

  • Pupils will need to know their school rules and regulations to fill out this useful non-chronological report frame.

Non-chronological reports: Wolves

  • This Hamilton Trust resource provides plenty of fun facts on wolves and encourages a web page report at the end of the unit.