November assemblies

5 What a Guy!

  • It’s Bonfire Night tonight; help pupils stay safe and introduce them to the tale of the original fire starter: Guy Fawkes.

6 National School Meal Week

  • Food for thought and thoughts of food are the focus of this NSMW. Organise a big school meal and help students understand healthy eating with this assembly from LACA National School Meals Week.

7 Robin Hood

8 Precious friends

  • If cliques are beginning to form and some students are feeling left out, try this resource and get your pupils focused on friendships.

9 Rememberance Day

  • Help pupils understand why they should give two minutes’ silence on Sunday (11 November) to honour those who have died in wars.

12 Global Enterprise Week

  • Inspire students and show them how anyone can be an entrepeneur with this presentation full of famous faces.

13 Diwali

  • Introduce the Hindu festival of light and think about new beginnings with this assembly.

14 Sticky issue

  • Chewing gum: it’s a nuisance on the street, in hair or in chairs. Explore the trouble those pieces of gum can cause, as well as some of the more positive aspects.

15 Thinking…from the box

  • Kick-start creative juices this enterprise week with this project idea - great to launch in assembly.

16 International day of tolerance

  • Get students discussing human rights and why we should all be entitled to freedom with this thought-provoking assembly.

19 Anti-bullying Week

  • Highlight the importance of respect and encourage your pupils to report incidents of bullying with this TrueTube presentation.

20 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)

  • Explore the hopes and dreams of children from across the globe with this ChristianAid resource.

21 Inter-faith Week

  • Why not have an inter-faith festival as part of assembly today? This resource has a list of ideas for activities, presentations and speakers.

22 Thanksgiving

  • Enlighten students about Thanksgiving festivities in the USA with the story of the original Pilgrims.

23 Eliminate violence against women

  • Sunday (25 November) is an international day dedicated to recognising and stopping violence against women. Use this assembly to help students understand how to stand up and speak out against violent crime.

26 National Tree Week

  • This week is a great excuse to encourage students to get outside and to plant trees. Get started with this naturedetectives assembly.

27 Magical potions

  • Bring a hint of Hogwarts into your school by showing your students that science is magic.

28 Do you intervene?

  • This assembly will help put the story of the Good Samaritan into a modern context.

29 Autumn images

  • See how many signs of the season students have spotted with these photos that can inspire an interactive assembly.

30 St Andrew’s Day

  • Follow the journey of the patron saint of Scotland with this informative presentation.


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