October assemblies

1 Succot

  • Explore the story of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt with this pictorial presentation.

2 Animal kingdom

  • Let students show their understanding of how animals adapt in preparation for World Animal Week (4-10 October) with this assembly script and song.

3 Outer space

  • Go on a galactic journey for World Space Week (4-10 October) with this space assembly script and turn your hall into an animated Milky Way.

4 Dragonese day

  • Drop lessons and assembly altogether today and opt for a traditional Viking celebration for Dragonese day. Here’s a cross-curricular pack from hodderchildrens to get started.

5 Jeans 4 Genes

  • Brother and sister George and Carys discuss what life is like, living with dwarfism in this video from Jeans 4 Genes.

8 National Curry Week

  • Intrigue minds - and taste buds - with this succulent TrueTube assembly about one of England’s most popular meals with an added side dish: teaching students about being charitable.

9 Dyslexia Awareness Day

  • Show these posters of famous people with dyslexia and remind students that being dyslexic doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

10 World Mental Health Day

  • Encourage students to be happy and cultivate their mental and physical wellbeing with this PowerPoint exploring emotions.

11 School Libraries Month

  • Make the library a must-visit destination with this Family Fortunes-style assembly about reading.

12 Random acts of Kindness

  • Encourage your students to get out and do something amazing this Friday with this assembly inspired by the international bestseller by Danny Wallace.

15 Navaratri

  • Celebrate mothers and all things feminine with a TrueTube assembly for the Hindi festival (16-24 October).

16 World Food Day

  • Reflect on the food crisis in East Africa with this assembly from ChristianAid.

17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

  • An activity, films and a short story from TrueTube will help students consider the issues surrounding poverty.

18 Black History Month

  • Inspire your students with these examples of black role-models from the past and present.

19 My heroes

  • Who do your pupils see as their heroes? What does it mean to be heroic? Reflect on these questions and more through this assembly for National Heroes Day (21 October).

22 One World Week

  • Celebrate difference and teach students the importance of respecting others equally with this resource from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

23 Feed the birds

  • Saturday will be RSPB Feed the Birds Day. Use this resource and turn your pupils into keen twitchers.

24 Crossing the tracks

  • Make sure pupils stay safe over half-term with this assembly about rail safety.

25 This is Halloween

  • A spooky quiz for the witching season is combined with safety messages for half-term trick or treating.

26 Eid Mubarak

  • Think about the lessons Islam teaches with this TrueTube assembly to mark the beginning of Eid ul-Adha and the end of Hajj.


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