Ourselves collection

From teaching your pupils about their senses and emotions to how they interact with their family and others, this collection reflects the wide range of topics covered by the theme of ourselves.

All about me topic planning

  • Get your pupils acquainted with their inner self with this medium-term topic plan.

All about me booklet

  • Find out what makes your pupils tick with this cheerful booklet.

Questions all about you

  • This book of questions will have pupils taking an inward look at the things they like and emotions they feel.

Personal fact file

  • A good way of getting to know each other: your pupils can fill this simple fact file in and even draw their self-portrait to go with it.

Ourselves idea bank

  • Get your creative juices running with the help of this long ideas list.

Ourselves topic plan

  • This handy mind map and lesson plan is filled with an abundance of ideas on the ourselves topic

Learning about ourselves

  • Pupils can learn about different beliefs, relationships and counting and how it all relates to the world they live in.

My family tree

  • Begin introducing pupils to the emotional aspect of family relationships with this family tree diagram.

Passport template

  • Complete with front cover passport insignia, pupils must fill in their passport to be able to fly to Santa’s workshop.

The British passport

  • If your pupils are going to go on holiday, they will need their passports! This PowerPoint introduces them to the workings of the British passport.

Our five senses

  • We use our eyes to see and ears to hear; this slideshow aims to help pupils understand how they are able to experience the world around them.

Ourselves: a mix of resources

  • This is a nice pack of activities from body labelling tasks to senses picture sequences and daily routine fact-file fillers.


  • A PowerPoint brimming with emotion in photographic form that will help children learn about different types of feelings.

The human body

  • The leg bone’s connected to the…? This PowerPoint aims to explain what the major organs of the body do to keep us alive and functioning.

Birthday role play

  • It’s time to get festive with these flashcards and prompts which can tie in to the ourselves topic.