A diverse group of resources, all with activities and ideas linked to the Paralympic Games.

Oscar pistorius assembly

  • Useful and concise information. Could be used to raise awareness in an assembly or class session. Spire

Paralympic hopes

  • Inspirational video about a visually impaired swimmer. Teachers TV

Pip learns about The Olympics

  • Simple information about the Olympic and Paralympic Games, presented in a child friendly format. kCOATES

Support a team

  • Poster showing all the countries competing in the Olympic and Paralympic games in London. Could be used as a starting point to a geography activity. Get_Set_for_ London2012

Disability in sport

  • Awareness presentation on disability in sport. Focused on Paralympics and Deaflympics. tadolpho

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic values

  • Two PowerPoint presentations describing the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic values. MRPHILLLEE

Visually impaired competitive swimming

Olympic and paralympic values

  • Another great resource about Olympic and Paralympic values. This one includes weblinks and posters for your classroom. Bakari

Cross curricular planning

  • Paralympic planning and resources based around activities suggested by Go-Givers. Just one of a complete selection of themed lesson plans by this contributor. Little Miss Princess

Paralympic road cycling

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