PE: The human body teaching resources

Secondary PE - The human Body teaching resources

Pe teaching resources and ideas for engaging pupils with the organs of the body, and the function of each. These resources have been shared by the teaching community on TES and tried and tested by teachers in their lessons. There are also useful links to SecondarybBiology and other curriculum areas.


The Human Body project

  • Resources include a coloured diagram of the body, diagrams of the body that are suitable for photocopying, a word search, two tiled picture frames, and a flashcard.


Heart, lungs and respiration

Heart labelling activity

  • Quick starter or useful revision activity for naming areas of the heart.

Images of heart PowerPoint

  • Images and facts to use as an introductory lesson on the heart.

Heart PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint detailing the circulatory system and the functions of the heart.

Circulation loop

  • Loops cards for printing and circulating in class - on the circulation loop.


  • Revision PowerPoints on respiration to remind pupils of key facts and processes.

Breathing and our lungs

  • PowerPoint explaining the process of breathing and lungs; useful as an introductory lesson on respiration.

Respiration Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

  • Quiz game based on how respiration works.

Respiration loop game

  • A loop card game including the organs of the respiratory system, and the gases required for respiration.

Respiration relay

  • A relay race activity by splitting the class into groups and getting groups to complete a variety of tasks.


Skeleton and bones

The Naked Skeleton

  • A lively diagram of a dancing skeleton, as A4 and A5 sizes, in black and white for ease of photocopying.

Skeleton diagrams

  • Three diagrams - one in colour is suitable for PowerPoint, other two are A5 diagrams that are suitable for class distribution.

The complete skeleton

  • A selection of diagrams and word games that will encourage pupils to learn, and revise, the common and proper names of the human body.


  • Pupil-produced PowerPoint plus worksheet on the function and development of bones.

Functions of the skeleton

  • Introduction presentation on the human skeleton, its main bones and its main functions.

Labelling the human skeleton

  • Pupils have to identify and label some of the main bones in the human skeleton.

Main bones in the human skeleton

  • Pupils identify and label some of the main bones in the human skeleton.

Skeleton dominoes

  • GCSE dominoes for revision of the skeletal system.


Muscles, ligaments and tendons

Ligaments and tendons

  • What they are, where they belong, what they do and what are the differences between the two!

Muscles revision

  • This has been produced as a revision help for students to make notes on and use to supplement their own work.


  • Quick revision PowerPoint for GCSE on muscles.

Muscles and movement wordsearch

  • Fun word search activity with key vocabulary.


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