Escape into the hallways of history or fairytale forests with these playscripts for the end of term. Pupils can work together – more creative students can become writers, directors or actors, while the more technically-minded can build sets and props. Don’t let the curtain fall over the end of term without your students treading the boards and showing off their drama skills.

Becoming a bard

My first play

  • Fill first-time playwrights with creative confidence using this simple template.

What’s in a play

  • Colourful cards to cut up and display that explain the basic features of a play.

Shakespeare’s stage

The Scottish Play

  • From the three witches to the one throne, make Shakespeare simple for young pupils with this adaptation of Macbeth.

Hammy Hamlet

  • Add a splash of slapstick and song while learning Shakespearean language in Hamlet, condensed for children.

Playing the past

To ancient times

  • Transport audiences to Aztec times with dance, song and a rap.

Pandora’ box

  • Sprinkle a little hope into audiences’ hearts with this play of the Greek fable.

Thunder sunders

  • Perform the tale of Thor, the god of war.

Children of Dickens

  • The author’s life through the eyes of children who think he just reads, reads, reads and is always in a dream.

Tales for thespians

Billy Goat Gruff

  • Show what pupils know about traditional tales with this colorful script about the grumpy goats.

Classic collection

  • Bundle of short fairytale stories translated for the stage.

Rhiannon’s misfortune

  • Perform the Welsh folktale of the girl from the Mabinogion.

Scripts with a twist

  • Get audiences laughing with Girl in da hoodie and other modern adaptations of well-known stories and historical tales.

Topical theatre

Russian Christmas

  • The story of Babushka makes a refreshing change for a Christmas play.


Add a Scottish touch to the Christmas story with this script translated for the highland hills.

Harvest Short Play

  • A quick Chicken Licken play for Harvest festival.

Forest foe

  • Rainforest residents, creatures and people ward off the men who come to destroy the natives’ homes.

High School Musical spoof

  • High School Musical crosses the Atlantic and lands in the UK in this spoof script full of laughs.

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