Primary lesson plans collection

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To find the most recent plans for lessons, simply select the ‘Keystage’ followed by ‘newest’ and ‘subject’. There are 1000s of free ideas for teaching and useful activities for the classroom. These educational resources have been uploaded and shared by the teaching community, so please do add your rating, we value your feedback and this ensures that only the best resources remain at the top!

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Primary classroom teaching resources collections

Our Primary resource collections have been selected and categorised by our subject specialists and contain a range of resources such as Teachers TV Primary English lesson ideas, Behaviour and classroom management and the TES collection for outdoor learning.

Primary lesson plans - Core subjects

KS1 English lesson plans

Year 1 KS1 English planning strategies, curriculum framework guidelines and creative ways of introducing all primary subject areas from phonics to homework spelling guides.

KS2 English lesson plans

Topical KS2 English activities identifying similarities and differences between fictional and non-fictional characters to narrative poetry.


KS1 Maths lesson plans

KS1 Maths planning for year 1 and 2, weekly learning objectives, mental starter activities, assessment for learning and examples of plenary activities.

KS2 Maths lesson plans

Fun ways to teach fractions, decimals and percentages. Interactive KS2 Maths whiteboard activities to encourage pupils to develop an understanding of problem solving.


KS1 Science lesson plans

Science investigation cards, science worksheets to download and whole range of introductory strategies for planning science lessons for Year 1.

KS2 Science lesson plans

Have fun with magnets, explore earth and space and create a concept map from given vocabulary and link phrases to strengthen cross-curricular KS2 Science activities.


KS1 Art and design lesson plans

Royal Wedding cups and plates KS1 art activities to adaptations of the QCA art scheme of work, art teachers have upload a bank of resources for teaching art and design.

KS2 Art and design lesson plans

Creative art and design activities for lessons that crossover to other areas of the national curriculum including Community Citizenship.


KS1 Citizenship lesson plans

Cross-curricular Citizenship lesson planning for 5 to 7 year olds including accompanying activity sheets and stories ideas relevant to different cultures.

KS2 Citizenship lesson plans

Includes a useful good citizen/bad citizen Powerpoint with playing cards and related classroom worksheets and KS2 Citizenship activity plans.


KS1 French lesson plans

From popular French songs with keywords missing to tips on learning and remembering the French Alphabet.

KS2 French lesson plans

Focused set of KS2 French resources for teaching MFL, with QCA Units and a popular Powerpoint overview of French geography and facts.


KS1 Geography lesson plans

KS1 Geography resources to encourage critical thinking, understanding plants adaptation to their environment and cross curricular subjects relevant to art and music.

KS2 Geography lesson plans

Easily adaptable KS2 Geography planning strategies for different ages and abilities including enquiry questions about the environment we live in.


KS1 History lesson plans

6 weeks of cross curricular KS1 History planning guides on the topic ‘Castles’ that includes a topic web amongst a variety of adaptable History resources.

KS2 History lesson plans

Planning guidelines for Tudors in Year 4 to learning KS2 History objectives for studying the  Ancient Greeks in Year 5.


KS1 Music lesson plans

Broad selection of creative and exploratory KS1 Music resources, recognising & exploring sounds, also links to science based Music making resources.

KS2 Music lesson plans

Oxfam’s Music plan brings a global dimension to the classroom alongside other KS2 Music resources that mix music teaching with Shakespear and Global Warming.


KS1 Physical education lesson plans

Behavior and safety expectations to multiskill agility development suggestions, with preparation ideas and ways to differentiate KS1 PE.

KS2 Physical education lesson plans

Includes an extensive KS2 Physical Education scheme of work for Year 6 gymnastics and for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


KS1 PSHE lesson plans

Featuring the 50 ideas for meeting your new class; collated from the TES forums, this booklet gives 50 suggestions for PSHE activities to do when meeting your new class

KS2 PSHE lesson plans

KS2 PSHE friendship and peer pressure learning resources and teaching guides looking at issues involved in friendship and what friendship means to young people.


KS1 Religious education lesson plans

RE topic planning around religious celebrations and KS1 RE classroom activities for a basic understanding of right and wrong.

KS2 Religious education lesson plans

Directions for opening the debate about Religion and Science to useful guide KS2 RE educational guides for teachers.