PSHE Food, health and body-image

Knowing what food is good for you and how to get the balance right can be key factors to a positive body-image, which can be very difficult to maintain in a society obsessed with fashion and celebrity culture. These resources can be used to spark off a discussion or classroom debate, giving pupils a chance to express their opinions, or as part of a class project on the topic.

Resources from Teachers TV

What’s in Your Food?

  • Stefan Gates does a fiery experiment to find out how much sugar is in cereals. He then introduces the idea of checking what foods contain.

Junk food- news report

  • Spoof video of news report on proposed ban on various foods by imaginary organisation, the British Institute of Eating Control (BIEC).

Eating Whatever You Like?

  • Stefan Gates prepares an unusual salad and introduces idea of choice and restriction.

Resources from TrueTube

Body & Health - Body Shapes

  • Information that helps you understand that it’s not what you look like that’s important, but that understanding body shape is more complicated.

Body & Health - Food Fads

  • Find out about different food fads popularized by celebrities and how they can be damaging to your health.

More resources

Healthy Eating, PSD/PSHE- KS3,KS4

  • This session aims to develop skills and knowledge of healthy eating and living

Food Diary Worksheet

  • Pupils look at three meals they eat in a typical day and split the food into food groups.

Balance of Good Health: Exploring via the web

  • A guided exploration of the topic through a series of questions, with suggested websites to investigate the answers.

Debating Matters Competition - Topic Guide - Organic Food

  • The Debating Matters Competition’s acclaimed Topic Guide series, created for sixth-form student debaters. The debate motion is “We should embrace Organic Food”.

Eating Well

  • A PowerPoint presentation developed for KS3 or KS4 PD classes. Includes information, pictures, and tasks.

Healthy Eating Quiz

  • Multiple Choice quiz, looking at the main aspects of a nutritionally balanced diet, and intended for use at the end of the unit/topic to review what has been learned.

Y8 PSHCE Healthy Eating Work

  • Six easy to follow PowerPoint lessons dealing with the topic of Healthy Eating.

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