Rainforests collection

Tropical rainforests, along with their unique and diverse ecosystems, are fast disappearing due to deforestation and ensuing climate change. Help your students to study animal adaptation and debate sustainability in this rich and absorbing topic.

Primary resources

Rainforest map work and layers activity

  • Landscape painting with a twist as groups of pupils locate rainforests on a map and learn their layer structure before unleashing their learning on the ‘canvas’.

The rainforest as a habitat

  • An excellent example of creativity and learning. Get students to create their own weird and wonderful rainforest animals taking into account the habitat that they live in.

Rainforest PowerPoint

  • With maps, facts, quizzes and case studies this rainforest introduction is a perfect way to get your pupils thinking about these great ecosystems.

Rainforest role play

  • Spark discussion and watch alliances form as the rainforest debate rages on in the classroom.

Rainforest millionaire

  • Introduce or consolidate the topic using this fun quiz.

Sustainable rainforests

  • Knowing about the dangers to the rainforest is important but the real problem lies in how it can be made sustainable.

Rainforest introduction

  • An engaging starter presentation covering flora, fauna, location and deforestation.

Save the forests writing frame

  • Transform your pupils into mini environmentalists with this persuasive writing frame on saving the rainforests.

Animal adaptations

  • Help your class to understand how rainforest animals adapt to their environment with this informative PowerPoint.

Rainforest bounty

  • Timelapse footage showing how the rainforest bursts into life and colour.

Brazil - rainforests

  • This is a comprehensive and highly adaptable resource on rainforests with Brazil’s Amazon rainforest as the main point of reference.

Rainforests crossword

  • A simple crossword to go with the rainforests topic.

Secondary resources

Rainforest layers worksheet

  • Students study the activities of wildlife and plants under the rainforest canopy.

Harapan rainforest restoration

  • An inspirational video showing the social and environmental benefits of a major restoration project in Sumatra’s Harapan rainforest.

Animals in the rainforest

  • Teeming with animal photos and adaptation annotations, this resource has everything a student needs to understand what animals need to survive in the rainforest.

People of the rainforest

  • Have local tribes been mistreated? Will there be any rainforest left in 50 years? These are the concerns raised in this PowerPoint.