Red Cross Week teaching resources

British Red cross

Red Cross Week will be celebrated from 5 to 11 May in the UK, taking in World Red Cross Red Crescent Day on 8 May, the birthday of founder Henry Dunant. Explore the work and principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement with this selection of free assemblies, quick activities and lesson plans. The themes addressed in these resources cover the work of the British Red Cross and activities overseas.

Introducing the Red Cross Movement

The Red Cross emblem

  • Learn about the Red Cross and its iconic emblem with this assembly kit.

Red Cross quiz

  • These three activities are a great way to introduce your students to the history of the Red Cross Movement.

First aid

Introducing first aid

  • These assembly-time activities are the perfect way to introduce first aid education to pupils in your school.

Alcohol and first aid

  • Teach about the dangers of alcohol with this short video and set of activities from the British Red Cross.

International humanitarian law

Justice and Fairness

  • Learn about the ‘laws of war’, and explore issues of justice and fairness with this set of resources.

Human shields

  • What is a human shield? This lesson plan explores the law behind the term.

Prisoners of conflict

  • Explore the issues around prisoners of war with this engaging assembly kit.

Laws of war

  • A short briefing for teachers that provides a useful start to understanding the principles of the laws of war.


  • This briefing for teachers sets out the key background to the law and explores the current debates.

Shooting civilians

  • This lesson plan – based on the true story of a soldier in the former Yugoslavia – introduces the laws of war as relating to civilians.

War crimes trial

  • This video resource looks at the issues around war crimes, and how they are dealt with by the law.

Child soldiers

  • Discover and discuss how it is that some children end up as soldiers.