Red Nose Day teaching resources

On Friday 15 March schools up and down the country will be doing something funny for money. Those funds will help transform the lives of countless people living in poverty in the UK and across Africa.

The Red Nose Day team have done their homework and created a wealth of free curriculum-linked activities and fundraising resources to give you all that you need to make Red Nose Day a fun, engaging and valuable experience for your pupils.

Find out who has won a pair of VIP tickets to the ‘Give It Up for Comic Relief’ gig hosted by Russell Brand!

Exploring Africa poster and discovery template
Use this poster to encourage your pupils to explore the 54 recognised countries in Africa.

Exploring Africa poster

Visit the official Red Nose Day profile to see the latest resources for 2013.

Exclusive geography resources from the Comic Relief team

KS4: Informal settlements and rapid urbanisation

  • Use these materials about Mukuru to construct an enquiry around rapid urbanisation and the growth of slums.

KS3: Consequences of rapid urbanisation

  • Why do slums develop? Who lives there? Use these materials about Mukuru to construct an enquiry around the development of urban slums.

KS2: Life in Mukuru

  • What are urban slums like? Get your pupils asking geographical questions by building an enquiry around life in Mukuru for a young boy called Robert.

Other official Red Nose Day resources

Red Nose Day 2013 is coming!

  • Watch this inspiring short film with your class or whole school to help explain why supporting Red Nose Day is important and what pupils can do to help.

Red Nose Day 2013 Assembly: Welcome to my world

  • Inspire the whole school. Explain why Red Nose Day is important and what pupils can do to help with these PowerPoint-based assembly ideas.

Red Nose Day 2013 primary quiz

  • A great quiz to test your pupils’ knowledge and to kick off your Red Nose Day 2013 fundraising activities.

Red Nose Day 2013 secondary quiz

  • Use this quiz to test your students’ knowledge and to kick off your Red Nose Day 2013 fundraising activities.

Red Nose Day 2013: Life in an urban slum

  • A lesson plan help you raise students’ awareness of the challenges faced by young people living in poor conditions in urban slums in Africa.

Red Nose Day 2013: Meet Dennis

  • A poster that introduces pupils to Dennis, a 13 year old boy who lives in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, and helps them to find out more about life for children in a Kenyan slum.

Primary Issue Film - Robert: Welcome to my world

  • This film introduces a boy called Robert who is 8 years old and lives in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Your pupils will explore Robert’s world and understand how his life is similar to, but very different from, their own.

Red Nose Day 2013: Fun helpers!

  • Get ready for Red Nose Day with this fun and lively learning activity for Early Years pupils. Transform your children into Red Nose Day fun helpers by holding a special sponsored chores week.

Top 10 Red Nose Day Essentials

Get pupils into the fundraising spirit and help them find out about life for children in developing countries and how they can help.

Red Nose Day 2013 pledge

  • Use this activity to help your pupils make a pledge this Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day 2013: Schools’ song

  • Get your pupils into the spirit of Red Nose Day with this special schools’ song from Out of the Ark, in partnership with Red Nose Day.

Sponsor form

  • Try a sponsored walk or even a run for Red Nose Day 2013.

Red Nose for schools form

  • Widen your Red Nose appeal and involve the whole school.

Red Nose Day assembly

  • Introduce pupils to the themes of Red Nose Day with this assembly pack.

Red Nose Day quiz

  • Entertain while testing pupils’ Red Nose Day knowledge with this engaging quiz.

‘We’re the fun-raisers’

  • Out of the Ark have written a timely Red Nose Day song for schools. Sing it in your assembly or in class to get everyone in the fundraising mood.

Bucket labels

  • Use this bucket label to help with your fundraising activities and stick them onto collection buckets.

Pledge template

  • Encourage pupils to make a fundraising pledge with this handy template.

Writing to parents

  • Let parents know what you’re doing for Red Nose Day and why.


  • Pay in the money you’ve raised and start changing lives. Simply fill in and return with your cheques and any completed sponsorship forms.

Certificate template

  • Use this certificate template to thank pupils for their time and effort.

Other Red Nose Day resources

RND webchat

  • Watch our recent web chat with Kerry Deacon to find out the story behind the Red Nose Day resources on the TES site and discover how you can fundraise by doing something funny for money.

Red Nose Day word search

  • A fun word search activity for Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief - a poem

  • A poem looking at the idea and rationale behind Comic Relief. Could be used as an assembly, a lesson starter or as a stimulus for a discussion on the different approaches people take to fundraising.

Red Nose Day word problems

  • Multiplication and division worded problems themed around Red Nose Day and popular children’s characters.

Red Nose Day resources

  • Red Nose Day banner, colouring posters worksheets and ‘fact noses’.

More Red Nose Day resources