Remembrance Day collection

Help your pupils commemorate the soldiers who fought and died for their country with these Remembrance Day assemblies, activities and free resources.

Remembrance assembly

  • A good assembly with some great images which can be edited.

Remembrance Day presentation

  • Fantastic for Primary School. Simple information and clear explanation as to why we wear poppies.

Poppy Day crossword

  • Great for a consolidation task. The crossword could also be used for homework. ICT is needed for the quiz.

Remembrance Day presentation

  • An excellent presentation. Good pictures and the text is not too complicated, so suitable for primary school pupils.

Remembrance Day poppies activity

  • A thoroughly enjoyable activity which primary school children will enjoy.

Remembrance Day word mat

  • Great for keyword spelling to display or to hand to the pupils. Most suited to KS1 and 2.

What are we remembering?

  • Some useful images. Very simple pictures and questions to rouse discussion.

Remembrance assembly with attachments

  • Although intended as an assembly, this can also be used in class. The pictures are very emotive and thought-provoking.

In Flanders Fields lesson

  • A mix of history and English. A great way to analyse poetry with clear historical links.

WW1 in a nutshell

  • A good resource with a nice activity: to write a remembrance poem after examining sources.

Remembrance Day poster

  • Possible ICT lesson with research could be used as a consolidation task.

Remembrance Day slideshow

  • Very clear success criteria. I like how the PowerPoint focuses on remembrance from WWI up to modern conflicts.

Why poppies?

  • A SOW which can be used to plan a selection of lessons on remembrance day.

Art and design remembrance lesson

  • An alternative way to teach about Remembrance Day which incorporates cross-curricular links.

Remembrance Day

  • Great to use during tutor time or in class. An activity for the pupils using their surname.

Remembrance VCOP

  • An interesting PowerPoint with good sentence starters and clear instructions.

Create a Remembrance Day asssembly

  • Well planned task guiding students towards creating a Remembrance Day assembly.

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