Retail teaching resources


Retailing, sales and customer service teaching resources suitable for BTEC, NVQ and other vocational retailing courses. From instructional PowerPoints to role plays, key skills to assignments, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.

Retail skills

Key skills for sellers

  • Place communication and ICT tasks in a retail context with this practical resource.

Key to communicating

  • Trends, pricing and communication are all covered in these key skills retail worksheets.

Retail industry

Retail and sales sector

  • An introduction to the structure and jobs of the industry.

Retailing learning journals

  • These detailed study worksheets will introduce students to the world of retail.

BTEC first unit one: retail –an introduction

  • This assignment and moderated coursework example are a great template for unit planning.

Retail business: beginners

  • Retailing, business outlets and occupations are explained in these three visual presentations.

Retail business: advanced

  • A series of presentations introduce ethical shopping, the supply chain and the economy’s relationship to retail.

Retailing today

High street trouble

  • An article that can be used to stimulate discussion on the relationship between the economy and retailing.

Changing face of industry

  • Inspire students to choose a profitable location for a new retail outlet with this PowerPoint about factors affecting industry change.

Attractive layout

  • A project case study on creating window displays and store layout.

From shop shelf to carrier bag

  • Costumer needs, stock control and quality control are some of the key topics covered in this compendium of easily adaptable BTEC business teaching resources.

Brand knowledge test

  • Have some fun with this ‘pub quiz’ putting students’ knowledge of high street brands to the test.

Customer service

Customer service success

  • Key facts and inspirational quotes about the importance of great customer service.

Returns role-play

  • Help students practise customer care by acting out these refund request scenario.

Customer communication

  • Activities for students to assess ‘best practice’ in communicating with customers and clients.

Food retailing

Food from the shops

  • Introduction to food retailing comparing supermarkets to local shops.

Food for thought

  • Understand how to attract customers with this PowerPoint on advertising in food retailing.

Working in retail

Retail management case study

  • A video story of one young students’ progression in her retail career.

Customer service job profile

  • Details of starting salaries and qualifications needed for a customer services career.

Retail careers

  • A detailed overview of the entire retail industry.

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