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Secondary history - Schools history project (GCSE teaching resources)

Resources shared by the teaching community on TES Resources and selected by TES History adviser, Daniel Hartley, Lead Teacher of History in the Humanities Department at Chulmleigh Community College

In line with the previous resource list for Modern world history, the links below will be for those who deliver The GCSE Schools History Project syllabus. Hopefully they should provide activities and ideas to keep the pupils engaged and less time with you spent hunting for inspiration.


Schools history project - controlled assessment

Vietnam anti-war movement teaching resources

World War Two rationing revision

Votes for women: revision game


Medicine through time

Renaissance medicine revision

Surgery worksheets

Key medical men: Andreas Vesalius


Crime and protest through time

Poverty and the poor law teaching resources (Leeds)

Victorian prisons resource pack

Sources on transportation


Germany 1919-1945

Resources on the Hitler youth

Weimar Constitution: Study and revision materials

Germany 1918-1924 - a revision guide


The American West

Native American TribesPowerPoint

Why did the Native American Indians rise up against the U.S. Government in the 1850s?


Britain 1815-1851

Classroom activities on British transport


Elizabethan England, 1558-1603

Armada revision map


TES Secondary History teaching resources