Seaside collection

Bring sun, sea and sand into your classroom with this range of seaside resources exploring the sea front from the Victorians right through to the modern day.

At the seaside

  • Spot the seaside using pictures of popular coastal towns from around the British Isles.

Victorian seaside

  • The Victorians loved the seaside, and their joy is evident for all to see in these historical photographs.

Seaside through the 20th Century

  • Just as the styles and habits of society have changed, so has the seaside. These photos track the changes and encourage discussion.

Seaside past: Picnics

  • What can a picture say about how life was like at the time it was taken? Discuss what can be assumed of Victorian life by studying these seaside picnic photos.

The beach – photo display pack

  • Brighten up your classroom with these beach themed photos.

Location, location, location

  • Advertise a seaside town with this interactive brochure template.

Seaside song

  • A summer sing-song with music to accompany.

Pip at the seaside

  • Follow Pip’s day out and introduce your pupils to the key terms they will need to write postcards about their own days out by the sea.

Seaside holidays activities

  • Ensure your pupils are always prepared for the seaside with these four games.

Seaside holidays, then and now

  • Get your pupils talking about holidays past and present with this discussion-provoking resource.

Seaside bingo

  • A sunnier, sandier version of the popular game.

What’s on the beach?

  • Declare the pupil with the most tokens shell-hunter extraordinaire with this fun seaside themed board game.

Seaside shape match-up

  • Is the bucket made up of rectangles or squares or a different shape altogether? These seaside objects require filling in with the correctly coloured shapes.

Seaside topic words

  • Fill your word wall with colourful flashcards on the seaside topic.

Topic ideas

  • This treasure trove of ideas is full of different topic directions you could take for the seaside, weather and under the sea.

Tongue twisters & senses at the seaside

  • Reminisce about the sensory experience of the seaside and follow it up with some truly torrid tongue twisters.

Victorian vacation

  • The weather wasn’t the only problem facing vacationers at the seaside; explain what the other problems they experienced with this PowerPoint.

Seaside story writing

  • Pupils have the chance to write an exciting seaside rescue story and show off their seaside vocabulary as well as their imaginations.

The Punch and Judy PowerPoint

  • Show your pupils what they would have been treated to on the seaside in the Victorian era.

Seaside holidays of the past

  • Compare Punch and Judy, bathing suits and even bathing machines with today’s seaside equipment, attire and entertainment with this informative PowerPoint.