Secondary Geography - Coastal landscapes


Add following intro text: “A variety of resources on the subject of coastal landscapes, including materials for teaching about transportation, erosion and deposition. The collection contains resources suitable for students from KS3 up to post-16. Collection compiled by Geography Adviser Dan Hartley and the TES Geography teacher panel.


Constructive and deconstructive waves

  • A fun animation to look at destructive and constructive waves.

Coastal environments management

  • Scheme of work on coastal environments from QCDA.

Coasts - Tarsia revision jigsaw

  • A coastal environments revision tool using the tarsia jigsaw.

Coastal environments

  • A scheme of work on coastal environments, aimed at KS3.

Coastal erosion

Cliff and wave cut platforms

  • A fantastic visual to show how wave cut platforms are created.

Coastal erosion

  • A great PowerPoint and sequencing activity to show how coastal landforms of deposition are created.

Coastal erosion and landforms

  • A video explanation of the causes of coastal erosion and development of the associated landforms.

Coastal landforms formation and process

  • Some fantastic photos of the Jurassic Coastline in Dorset to illustrate coastal erosion.


Long shore drift

  • This animation uses a beach ball to show how long shore drift transports material along the coastline.

Long shore drift video

  • This video featuring BBC footage is an excellent source to show how longshore drift transports material.

Coastal deposition

Mawddach estuary

  • A useful web page with an OS map and aerial photographs to show to growth of a spit at Barmouth.

Coastal sand dunes

  • A powerpoint explaining the formation of coastal sand dunes, and plant succession.

Coastal defences

Methods of coastal management

  • A great worksheet that requires students to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types of coastal defences.

Coast defense decision scenario cards

  • A PowerPoint which details different points of view about coastal defences.

Case studies

Hallsands mystery

  • A mystery about the loss of the coastal village of Hallsands.

Holderness coastline

  • A decision making exercise aimed at KS3 on the Holderness Coastline.

Mass movement on the Holderness coastline

  • Background information and images on mass movement and worksheets for a case study of mass movement at the Holbeck Hall Hotel on the Holderness Coast.


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