Secondary Geography - Tourism

This collection includes lesson ideas for understanding tourism, how it has changed, the impacts of it and how it can be made more sustainable. The activities include PowerPoints, thinking skills activities, card sorts, quizzes, videos, lesson plans and a variety of case studies from around the world. Resources are aimed at KS3, KS4 and KS5. Collection compiled by Geography Adviser Dan Hartley and the TES Geography teacher panel.

What is tourism?

  • Introduction to tourism and what attracts tourists to different places. PowerPoint with a variety of activities in it.

Starter game for the tourism topic

  • Whole class starter activity to instantly engage pupils in an introductory lesson about tourism outside the UK.

Good or bad tourism

  • Worksheet with sorting activities on why tourism has grown, and the positive and negative impacts of tourism.

Impacts of tourism

  • Colour coding activity which asks pupils to sort the impacts of tourism into social, economic and environmental categories.

The Butler Model

  • Self contained GCSE lesson on the Butler Model of tourism. Includes thinking skills activities to engage pupils

Tourism exam question

  • A modelled GCSE exam answer on the impacts of tourism. Pupils have to add to the answer given to improve it to an A-A* standard answer.

Are jobs in tourism good for the coastline?

  • Card sort and decision making activities looking at whether jobs in tourism have a positive or negative impact on the coastline, using Newquay as a case study.

Movie induced tourism

  • PowerPoint, worksheet and lesson plan about the positive and negative impacts of movie induced tourism.

Tourism in Ibiza

  • Video on the effects of clubbing tourism in Ibiza.

UK National Parks

  • National Parks ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ PowerPoint quiz.

National Park’s dingbats

  • PowerPoint to lead National Parks dingbats game

Understanding ecotourism

  • Thinking skills activity for pupils to show their understanding of ecotourism by designing an ecotourist resort.

Growth in international tourism

  • IB/A level tourism unit of work.


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