Secondary interactive teaching resources

Interactive resources for KS3 and KS4 for maths, English, science and MFL


Alternative words for SAID

  • Vocabulary and synonym activities – aimed at lower ability pupils or as a refresher activity


Blockbusters game

  • An adaptable game for use on an interactive whiteboard – suitable for any topic


Holes – interactive plenary

  • Interactive presentation where pupils can choose which hole to dig and respond to prompts


Grammar starter activities

  • A collection of flipchart presentations covering punctuation, grammar, adverbs and adjectives



The Wall – interactive arithmetic

  • Flash games for fun mathematics lessons!


Flipping hexagons

  • A flash game to be incorporated into an investigation on hexagons


Quadratic equations and functions

  • Sketch graphs of quadratic equations and find their solutions


Popping balloons

  • A simple flash tool useful for a variety of games and activities to indicate wrong/right answers


Interactive Spanish

  • A selection of interactive presentations for Spanish lessons on transport, weather and school


KS3 French

  • Sounds and pictures covering topics like animals, parts of body and days of week


KS3 Spanish language activities

  • Interactive flash language activities covering all of the main GCSE topics


Was hast du in deiner Tasche?

  • Presentation on items you might find in a schoolbag – including an interactive game


Il Menu Italiano

  • A presentation and activity on the theme of food - suitable for beginners Italian



Ks3 Science quizzes

  • Multiple choice science quizzes for each unit of the KS3 scheme of work


Electromagnetic spectrum

  • Notebook slides for use in lessons on electromagnetic – a good summary of the topic


Flash animations - Chemistry

  • A selection of animated flash activities for work on acids, bonds, conductivity and the periodic table


Great graphs

  • Scales, axes, independent variables – all explained in flash movies