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Free secondary lesson plans written by teachers and free to download. Resources for every GCSE subject including Maths, English, Physical Education, German, French, Spanish, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Geography.

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Secondary classroom teaching resources collections

To save you time, every subject in the secondary curriculum has its own subject ‘collection’ including GCSE exam revision, Science Teachers TV videos, PE the Human Body. All the subject resources have been created and shared by teaching specialists and include a range of plans for lessons, worksheets and classroom activities for Secondary teaching.

Secondary lesson plans - Core Subjects


KS3 English lesson plans

Over 1500 English resources including analyzing the writer’s use of language, engaging ways of working with poetry and a PowerPoint presentation on adverbs, adjectives and sentence building.

KS4 English lesson plans

Unique KS4 plans for lesson with assessment guidelines, creative writing stimulus; from Romeo and Juliet to resources for KS4 Shakespeare.

Post 16 / A Level English lesson plans

From interactive A Level English whiteboard lessons to engaging resources for exploring satiric techniques by analysing particular TV episodes of The Family Guy.


KS3 Maths lesson plans

Popular collection including KS3 Maths overview of applying maths to everyday life and re-introducing students to mental arithmetic after the summer break!

KS4 Maths lesson plans

KS4 Maths teachers have shared popular maths resources such as 50 interactive whiteboard activities for the improving learning with detailed planning for lessons.

Post 16 / A Level Maths lesson plans

Focused bank of A Level Maths resources with What Is Proof, an interactive lesson guide using not so well-known mathematical methods that involve using literature to find the answers.


KS3 Biology lesson plans

Lesson activities for promoting discussion about reproductive cloning and forensics in the classroom are amongst the familiar KS3 Biology core subject areas.

KS4 Biology lesson plans

Stimulating KS4 Biology teaching resources including a genetic engineering PowerPoint, gene splicing and science in society to open the discussion about human Antibiotic Resistance.

Post 16 / A Level Biology lesson plans

Mixed activities and A Level Biology teaching plans with methods to demonstrate the workings of the biceps, whiteboard resources and PowerPoints for key subjects like Photosynthesis.


KS3 Chemistry lesson plans

From SEAL learning outcomes including problem-solving, to a variety of KS3 Chemistry worksheets and classroom activities outlining scientific learning objectives.  

KS4 Chemistry lesson plans

Looking for KS4 Chemistry PowerPoint lesson structures on exothermic reactions or geological processes in the GCSE Chemistry syllabus? The TES teaching community has shared over 100 resources.

Post 16 / A Level Chemistry lesson plans

The basics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electrochemistry PowerPoints are among a range of detailed A Level Chemistry resources and plans.

Design and technology

KS3 Design and Technology lesson plans

Includes a brilliant scheme of work developed to provide all KS3 Design and Technology students with the opportunity to learn how to cook – remember home economics?

KS4 Design and Technology lesson plans

Covering KS4 Design and Technology subjects likesustainability and the environmental impacts of human consumption, plus BTEC Hospitality and Catering Food Technology.

Post 16 / A Level Design and Technology lesson plans

Evolution in the design of mobile phones, revision lesson guides for A Level Design and Technology and specimen exam questions for the product design.


KS3 French lesson plans

MFL lessons guides, quizzes, food tasting worksheet with learning objectives for KS3 French lessons with resources encouraging language skill development.

KS4 French lesson plans

Engaging KS4 French educational resources with a Mr Bean French video clip and planning a postcard writing assignment.

Post 16 / A Level French lesson plans  

Find ways to learn the subjunctive through song, geared for Year 10, intermediate (B1) students and A Level French worksheets and teaching plans.


KS3 Geography lesson plans

Bring subjects to life with topic plans like KS3 Geography topics in the news, coastal erosion and our global impacts on others.

KS4 Geography lesson plans

KS4 Geography teaching guides with global bingo cards linked to the effects of deforestation to a PowerPoint following a river’s journey.

Post 16 / A Level Geography lesson plans

Plans for A level Geography lessons addressing why people choose to live near volcanoes and other National Curriculum relevant subject plans like deforestation and climate change.


KS3 History lesson plans

Free KS3 History resources including the analysis of government posters and a presentation on the leaders and countries involved in World War II.

KS4 History lesson plans

Explore the nuclear weapons debate in the style of the X-Factor amongst the more traditional KS4 History lesson plans.

Post 16 / A Level History lesson plans

Educational material with cartoons and extracts from newspapers on the votes for women and other seasonal History A Level subject resources like the Holocaust Memorial Day.


KS3 ICT lesson plans

Cyber bullying and E-safety lesson structures plus guides to Flash, Spreadsheets and Excel amongst a collection of digital educational resources for KS3 ICT.

KS4 ICT lesson plans

KS4 OCR on-line teacher and pupil toolkit for Windows Movie Maker and lesson objectives and assessment resources.

Post 16 / A Level ICT lesson plans

Learning resources including A Level ICT Functional Skills activities and The Google School Election website for teaching citizenship.


KS3 Music lesson plans

KS3 Music education templates encouraging active involvement in music-making and helping to develop a sense of group identity and togetherness.

KS4 Music lesson plans

Variety of lesson planning Music activities; SEN differentiation, global KS4 Music lessons, GCSE Music advice and structure guides.

Post 16 / A Level Music lesson plans

Covering key A Level Music learning objectives with PowerPoints on minimalism and identifying classical harmonic structures

Other subjects

KS3 Other subjects lesson plans

Ofsted KS3 lesson plan guidance, useful for schools about to be visited by Ofsted inspectors.

KS4 Other subjects lesson plans

Assessment guides and a scheme of work for Physical Theatre in KS4 to develop effective and appropriate body language for different characters.

Post 16 / A Level Other subjects lesson plans

From Ofsted A Level observation criteria to a series of lesson guides using drama to create monologues for performance.

Physical education

KS3 Physical education lesson plans

Popular collection of KS3 PE resources from Basketball SOW mini plans to guides to sport education lessons.

KS4 Physical education lesson plans

Different ways to teach Physical Education that pupils enjoy including badminton peer assessment, skill drills to basic dance and fitness instructions.

Post 16 / A Level Physical education less plans

Selection of educational sport resources with interactive PowerPoint slides, PE podcasts and A Level PE revision tools.


KS3 Physics lesson plans

Collection of educational KS3 Physics activities including the teaching plan for making an Archimedes screw.

KS4 Physics lesson plans

GCSE Physics heat transference, kinetic theory, insulation and U-values are amongst the resources encouraging scientific investigation.

Post 16 / A Level Physics lesson plans

AQA Physics, Preparation for Momentum and understanding Newton’s laws of motion and amongst the mixed A Level Physics classroom resources.


KS3 PSHE lesson Plans

Includes a new approach to P4C, with an Alien Adventure in Philosophy that introduces a “philosophy in role” scenario for KS3 PSHE.

KS4 PSHE lesson plans

From No Smoking Day lesson planning ideas for KS4 PSHE to structuring classroom activities on Happiness and Mental Wellbeing.

Religious education

KS3 Religious Education lesson plans

With cross-curricular KS3 religion and science education resources including PowerPoints on key topic areas and introductory activities about religions.

KS4 Religious education lesson plans

Teachers TV videos and RE worksheets amongst the KS4 Religious Education resources referencing contemporary topics.

Post 16 / A Level Religious education lesson plans

A Level Religious Education topics exploring religion that include music as a universal language.

TES Teaching Resources

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