Secondary Maths Collection 1 - "Back to School"

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

It is always difficult to know what to do in those first few lessons in September with a new class. Cracking on with the Scheme of Work might be a good idea, but perhaps not if the first topic is written methods of multiplication, or something equally as uninspiring. If you want to set the right tone - that maths is both enjoyable and challenging - then hopefully this batch of resources will help you. You will find puzzles, mysteries and problems all aimed to get the year off to a positive and flying start.

Top 10 Resources:

Lots of lateral thinking puzzles

  • One of the most popular resources ever on TES, and with good reason! These puzzles are fantastic to use as starters or plenaries to help develop students’ problem solving and thinking skills.

Collective Memory - Money

  • Collective Memories are a great way to get a class off to a flying start and get students talking to each other and working together effectively. This particular one is all about money.

Murder Mystery

  • A murder has been committed. Your students will need all their mathematical, thinking and team working skills to solve it. A fantastic activity.

Maths Fashion Mystery

  • Another great mystery, this time taking place in the world of high-fashion. This might be an opportunity to offer your female students some payback for years of examples involving football and cricket scores.

Painted Cube

  • A really good investigation involving painting sides of a cube that is simple to understand by quite difficult to solve. The supported technology that comes with this resource is very, very good!

Matchstick Puzzles

  • Matchstick puzzles can help students develop strong problem solving skills and provide a medium for effective group work. Best of all, they are rather fun!

Starter of the Day

  • A classic website that helps get your lessons off to a flyer by providing you with a ready-made, quick-fire starter puzzle.


  • Impress your students (and your loved ones!), and get them engaged in mathematics, with this really impressive set of mathematical tricks.

Daily Starter Activity

  • A second website of quick-fire starter puzzles. You will be spoilt for choice!

Three by One

  • A fantastic puzzle that would be ideal to give to a brand new Year 12 class to give them a flavour of the challenges of A Level Maths.

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