Secondary Maths Collection 10 - Topic Special: A Level Core

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

It is often the way in maths teaching that a lot of the effort that goes into creating new, exciting resources tends to be focussed on Key Stages 3 and 4. This is understandable as maths is compulsory for these age groups, it is taught in every single school, and it is widely accepted that there is a need to engage students early, for fear they may otherwise become disaffected with the subject. Relatively little attention is paid to developing similar resources for A Level, and yet those embarking upon an A Level course are the same students who 6 weeks earlier were finishing their GCSEs. It is my opinion that the jump from Maths GCSE to A Level is the greatest out of all the subjects, and hence there is a great need for resources to help students bridge what can be seen as an insurmountable gap and understand some difficult concepts. Hopefully this bundle of resources will help towards that goal.

Top 10 Resources:

AQA Core 4 Revision Treasure Hunt

  • An excellent Treasure Hunt activity which revises all of the key areas of Core 4. Even if you don’t do AQA, this brilliant resource can be easily adapted.

Autograph Team - Volumes of Revolution

  • A rather nasty topic is brought to life using Autograph’s unique 3D interface. May just make the concept a lot easier to grasp for your students.

Binomial Expansion Matching Task

  • A simple match-up activity to make sure you students can work out Binomial coefficients.

Arithmetic Simultaneous Equations (RISP 8)

  • If you haven’t tried a RISP yet, now is the time. They are simply excellent!

Core 2 - Trigonometric Graphs

  • A truly excellent use of Excel to show where the trigonometric graphs come from. Make sure your Macros are enabled!

Important Points on a Quadratic Graph

  • A simple, but really effective resource for ensuring your students understand all the different forms of quadratic equations and what information you can obtain from them.

Modulus Sketching

  • Students must match up a variety of modulus equations with the graphs that they produce. This activity would work really well if the graphs were plotted on Autograph so students could discuss their construction.

Connected Rates of Change

  • An exciting, practical way to introduce students to the concept of connected rates of change, which is one that they tend to find rather tricky!

Autograph Team - Introducing Differentiation

  • A clear, dynamic introduction to where the concept of differentiation comes from. If your students can understand this, it will set them up perfectly for the rest of the calculus they will be meeting over the next two years.

Integral Calculus

  • Some well written notes and worked solutions for the topic of integration. Could be nice to give to students for extra support.

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