Secondary Maths Collection 11 - "Cross Curricular Maths"

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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

If there is one phrase that I makes my non maths colleagues recoil with dread, it’s “numeracy across the curriculum”. Just as I am never too sure whether writing a few sentences on the board fulfils my obligations towards literacy across the curriculum, English and History teachers alike are left wondering just how a calculator could work its way into their lesson plans. But subjects do not need to be forced together in this manner. Indeed, there is plenty of scope for rich cross-curricular projects that bring out the best, most rewarding elements of all the subjects involved. Above all, they can be fun both to teach and to do. Hopefully this bundle of resources will provide a few good suggestions.

Top 10 Resources:

Baths, Bombs and Rockets

  • An excellent video from Teachers TV about a project that combines elements of maths, science and D&T to build… well, baths, bombs and rockets!

Autograph Video Special 6 - Shot Put Investigation

  • The worlds of science and maths combine to work out the optimal angle to launch a shot-put. Good stuff!

The Cookie Project

  • A very well planned out project where students have to make cookies and design the packaging. A nice twist is that I like to add is that the teacher has to sample the finished produce at the end.

Problem solving based on ‘Holes’by Louis Sachar

  • A series of questions based on the movie “Holes”. I hadn’t heard of the movie myself, but I like the idea of a two-lesson end of term combo - video lesson 1, maths questions lesson 2!

Maths Rocket Project

  • Building rockets out of water bottles and then watching them fly. I don’t know who has more fun with this one, the students or the teacher.

Property Tycoon

  • A nice activity relating maths to the world of property and business.

Garden and Pond Challenge

  • A practical project designed for primary school students but one that is easily suited to Year 7s or as part of a transition project.

Leap Year Task

  • A nice lesson and homework combo all about leap years. There’s some interesting stuff in here!

Standard Form World Facts

  • Excellent for some practical, real life uses of standard form.

Maths Alphabet

  • A nice way of introducing literacy in maths is by making sure students are familiar with the spellings and meanings of important maths words, and this resource is a simple but effective way of achieving this.

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